Friday, October 14, 2011


All week my students have been crazy. I get it, really I do. They have had NECAP testing all week (which means 2 hours a morning where they have to sit silently and either test or read) AND it's been raining. We've had inside recess 3 days this week.
They're wound. Energetic. And Frustrated.
I don't blame them
All week it has been a battle to get them to do anything, to shut up, to listen. I was at my wits end.
Today? Angels
Each and everyone of them finished ALL of their make-up/late work from the week. Then I had kids clean my whole room, organize my bookshelf, fill my water mug, organize the art supplies and ask over and over what they could do to help me. I didn't ask them to do any of that. 
Not that I'm complaining, but
What the Friday?

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