Saturday, November 19, 2011

Conference week(s) and a new school

Long-time no blog. I've been really busy and there is a lot going on around here that I will share when I feel ready for it. But I did have some things to share about work right now.

First off, the last three weeks have been conference weeks. My new school is cool because they give us a three week window to do conferences during so I was able to schedule all of mine for Wednesdays and Thursdays during those weeks. Anyone who teaches knows that trying to meet with all your kid's parents in a short time is exhausting and hectic. Spreading it out over three weeks made it so much more manageable for me and I feel like I did a much better job with them in years past because I was really able to focus on the conferences I had that day, rather than trying to keep track of all of them at once.

That said, there was this one mom. You know, THAT mom. She was nasty, rude, and rather passive-aggressive. She bad-mouthed her child's previous teacher (who is an amazing woman that does everything she can for her students). She bad-mouthed the district, technology, me. She was just not a happy camper. I knew not to take it personally, because 99.5% of her complaints had nothing to do with me, but it really just got to me some and it's been hard for me not to associate it with her child. Which I know isn't fair. Not the kid's fault her mom is a psycho.

In other news. We're getting a new school!!!!! I know I blogged before about the sad state of my school (mold, asbestos, filthy, rodents, falling-apart), but the town hasn't seen the value of building a new school. Luckily, this year it seems to have sunk in. Many community members toured the school this fall and realized how desperate the situation is and how it is affecting the quality of education for these students. The town voted for a new school. Construction is going to start in the spring and we should be moving into our new school for the 2014 school year.

Yeah, I know, that sounds like a long time away, but it is super exciting and I can't wait to be in a brand-new building where I can actually incorporate technology into my teaching (can't do much now, the wiring in the building can't handle it!), not lose half an hour a day to bathroom trips (it takes 8 minutes to get from my classroom to the nearest student OR staff bathrooms) and not have to worry about my health in this nasty place.

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  1. Congrats about getting a new school! That's great news! I think people often don't realize what an effect the physical environment can have on a kids' education. That's very exciting that you'll be in a new school in just a few years!

    And boo on negative people. I have to remind myself that they're making themselves miserable more than anything by viewing everything in a negative light! But I can definitely see how it would be hard not to view her child differently as a result.


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