Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just your typical Saturday

Drew's Day:
  • cleaned the kitchen
  • cleaned the bathroom
  • emptied the dishwasher
  • did the dishes
  • swept the floor
  • put up insulation
  • cut tile
  • sanded drywall
  • baked cookies
  • cooked dinner
Amanda's Day:
  • napped
  • read a book
  • went out to lunch with my sister
  • blogged (twice)
  • played on my iPhone
  • cuddled the puppy
  • watched a movie
  • did laundry

Sounds about right to me :)


  1. LOVE your day! Puppies need lots of loving. It's an all day task, really. Popping by from FTLOB and glad I did. Have you visited Sugar the Golden Retriever Blog? I think you'd love it!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

  2. Sounds like what goes on in our house! Hope your weekend was great.


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