Saturday, December 3, 2011

5 Weeks Through 8 Weeks

I've decided to post the first couple of weeks as one post since I won't be posting it until after my ultrasound during week 7. Don't worry, my blog is not just going to be a pregnancy blog now, I still have plenty of other things to say :) but be advised that it will be featured since it's kinda a big part of my life right about now.

Clearly Drew needs some photography lessons, and I know that these pix don't show any change yet, but I want to be able to have pictures from each week of pregnancy. Oh, and can you tell that week 6 was when I started puking my guts out?


How far along: 5-8 weeks...I think. If I'm counting right...I probably should be responsible for teaching kids math.

How big is baby: Week 5: the size of an orange seed. It's an itsy-bitsy little speck, week 8 it's grown to the size of a grape. It doesn't seem like much, but that's a lot in a few short week. Especially since during that time all the major organs and systems have also been developing.

Total weight gain: None yet, but some bloating that make my pants tight... oh joy. I start off fine in the morning, but by the time I get home at night it looks like I tried to squeeze into pants that are too sizes too small and uncomfortably tight. I'm enjoying sweat pants and the old elastic band around the button of my jeans to make things more comfortable. This last week I actually lost 1 1/2 pounds... probably because very little of my food actually stays down.

Maternity clothes: Hopefully not for awhile

Best moment of the week(S):  The moment was when the test came back positive. I cried. Then there was being able to tell our familes, I'll explain that in another post. Week 7 the most amazing moment was seeing our little alien at our first ultrasound. It made it so real, and so amazing. We even saw the alien's little heartbeat on the screen.

Food cravings:  Not so much cravings, but I'm loving spicy foods and I'm always thirsty no matter how much water I drink during the day. There are also just foods that sound really good at the time, but nothing too intense. Basically I crave anything that wont make me sick... I just wish I knew what that was. Lots of saltines and Sprite.

Food aversions: Just about everything. Eggs. The smell alone sends me dashing to the nearest bathroom. Also chocolate... it's too sweet and the thought of it just makes me feel icky, as a choco-holic, I find that upsetting. (update, by week 7 I'm back to loving chocolate) There are also just a lot times in which certain foods or food in general just sounds gross, so I don't eat, but that bites me in the butt because not eating makes me super sick.  

Symptoms:  I feel like a human nose. I smell everything. That coffee Drew made this morning? Gag-inducing. The woman at our staff meeting today with all the perfume? Yeah, she had me covering my nose with my sleeve and counting down the minutes. Every smell is so freaking strong. Some I don't mind, but it's crazy how strong it is.

Then there is my bladder. I've always been able to hold it. As a teacher I've trained myself to only have to go during my prep periods...yeah, that's not working anymore. I'm averaging about every hour and half these days. It's so not cool.

I've had a little nausea/stomach pain, but nothing overwhelming and it seems to  come and go. Week 5 I had some cramping, but that has gone away after that week. Now that I'm in week 7, the nausea has hit full force. I've been throwing up several times a day (I know, TMI) and constantly feeling like my stomach is tied up in knots. The worst part is that getting sick doesn't make me feel better. I keep thinking that it will, but it doesn't. I know that if I just eat all the time, I feel a lot better, but food sounds so disgusting that I literally have to force myself to eat. This last week has been misrable, especially throwing up at work... so awkward!

Movement: Not for awhile

Gender: No idea yet (obviously) though given the hubby's family history (he's one of three boys as is his father) it's probably gonna be a boy.

What I’m looking forward to: EVERYTHING!!! I'm loving telling people (and yes, I know it's a little early for that, but I've waited so long for this to happen and I am a horrible secret keeper.

What I miss: Nothing much yet, I am still over the moon to have gotten a postive test. Okay, I guess I do miss being able to walk around without gagging at every scent...that part kinda sucks. And I really miss not having to think about food all the time. Right now if I don't eat I get sick, and if I eat, I get sick... can't win.

Next appt: December 29th... We're having another ultrasound done. It will be so cool to see how much our little alien grows in month.


  1. Congrats on your pregnancy! That's really exciting!!!

    Is your puppy a Shih-tzu?
    We have a Shih- tzu and a pom/fox terrier.

    Stopping by your blog from "comment love" day. :)
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    Kristen @ KristenDanielleXO

  2. Congratulations! I hope the nausea gets better soon!


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