Thursday, December 15, 2011

How We Told

**I realized the other day that I'd written this post awhile ago, but just never published it! **

As you may have noticed, I like to talk about myself. Thus the blog :) Somehow I managed to keep the news of my pregnancy off the web for the first 4 weeks of knowing, but damn it was hard! I just wanted to share with all my bloggy friends and shout about how excited I am. At the same time though I had that paranoia about something going wrong and having to tell people about it after I had just gotten them excited.

We made the decision to keep pretty quiet about it,  but we couldn't not tell our familes. We are very close with Drew's family. We see them all the time, and I didn't like feeling like I was lying to them. We decided to tell them on Sunday, November 13th. Both Drew's mom and my mom have been harrassing us to let them know what we want for Christmas this year, so I printed off a picture of a crib for Drew's mom and a stroller for my mom.

When we got to thier houses (seperatly on the same day) I told them that we knew what we wanted for Christmas and handed them the pictures. Drew's mom was so cute. She was all "what? really? are you... pregnant?". I was all: no, I just thought our house should have one for decorative purposes. Anyways, she was SOOO excited and couldn't stop beaming and saying "this is so exciting".

When I gave it to my mom she laughed and said congrats. It was funny because earlier that same day my cousin had told the family that she was pregnant too. The other funny part was that my uncle had gone to see a psychic to help him deal with the passing of my grandfather (my uncle and grandfather were very close). The psychic had apparently told him that someone in our family was going to be pregnant. So weird that he heard that just a few days before we told people. (Also, we didn't know this at the time, but my cousin and I now have the same due date... how weird is that?)

Even stranger, is the fact that the week we concieved my mom had this dream. She doesn't usually remember her dreams, so the fact she remembered it was weird, but in the dream Drew and I were in thier kitchen as she was coming downstairs Drew was trying to get me to drink orange juice but I refused and said I didn't want everyone to know I was pregnant. Between the dream and the psychic, my mom wasn't very surprised, but she seemed very excited.

It was so fun being able to tell people and feeling like it was more real. It just made me even more excited.

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