Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Ok Thursday

It's been a long time since I've linked up with Neely for

Its Ok Thursdays

This week I'm saying "It's Ok"

  • That I let my students eat a boat-load of sugar and candy at the very end of the day yesterday... hey, I wasn't going to deal with that sugar rush
  • To every so often use the excuse "I'm busy growing a human being here" as a reason for why my house is a mess and I'm always exhausted... it actually is a viable excuse
  • To be pissed at the now two friends who have "stolen" my baby names in the past 2 months... guess I can't name my kid that now
  • To be sooo excited that today is Thursday. Which means my last day of work this week. Which means 11 days of vacation!!!!!!
  • To still not be in the Christmas spirit. I'm psyched about vacation... not really interested in the whole holiday situation that it's connected to.
  • That I got overly annoyed with a 3rd grader Tuesday who wouldn't stop crying after a 3-ounce plastic bit grazed her shoulder. I really wanted to push her so she would at least have a reason to be crying
  • To be really sad about the fact that my readership peaked in June and has since fallen... and to be even more upset that I don't know why, so I can't fix it!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. I feel the same about the christmas spirit, hope that changes this weekend! Keep baby names secret once you come up with ones you like! That's what we're doing and I think family members and friends think we're being super rude - but hey they're not for the taking! Merry Christmas to both you and Drew!


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