Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We got kicked out of school today...

About 45 minutes before the end of school today, our principal got on the intercom and announced that we were going to be having an early dismissal. I assumed, naturally, that it was due to the freezing rain we had been having all day. It was nasty out this morning and I figured they wanted to get the kids home before it started getting cold out.

Then 10 minutes later they told us that bus groups were going to move to either the cafeteria or gym and that all teachers needed to pack up their belongings and go to the cafeteria... weird.

Even weirder? After about half the kids were dismissed, our principal told us that all the teachers could leave, but that we couldn't return to our classrooms... they didn't want us going out through the East wing either (my wing)


It bothered me that they weren't even telling us what was going on. Luckily a few friends knew what was going on and they informed me that there was smoke in one of the classrooms on my wing and that they couldn't find the source. Great would have been nice to know that I was inhaling God-knows-what for the last 20 minutes of my day... that's GOT to be good for the alien.

If you've been reading, you know what a piece my school is (a quick recap: mold, asbestos, dangerous CO2 levels, rodents, insect infestations, uninsulated walls/ceilings... I could go on and on) so it's not really surprising to have such evacuations. What is surprising is that they didn't even explain what was going on.

On the bright side... maybe we won't have school tomorrow... Extra vacation day?!?


  1. Yikes that is so scary! So dumb that they didn't explain what was going on but I'm glad they let y'all leave.

  2. Yikes! Could be really bad for the little one! Do they know that you are expecting?


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