Saturday, January 7, 2012

13 Weeks

Sorry about the crappy pix this week, camera was dead so these were taken with my iPhone.


How far along: 13 weeks. Now officially in the second trimester... wow that feels weird to be able to say! 

How big is baby?: The size of a peach this week.

Total weight gain:I gained 2 pounds this week!!! That kinda freaks me out. I mean, I've been eating more but not that much more. That brings me to a total of 3 1/2 pounds gained so far. I'm still a little low in terms of what I have gained so far compared to what I should have gained so far. But, since I spent a month throwing up everything I ate, I think I'm doing pretty good.

I've kinda got a little bump going. Granted, it's mostly fat/bloat... but I'm blaming it on the little one, cause that makes me feel better.

Maternity clothes: This week sucked, clothes-wise. Some things fit, others don't... and I look like I've been scarfing the cupcakes. Ok, ok, so I have, but THAT's not why I have a gut right now. I want to look pregnant, not just fat, so this in between time stinks. 

Best moment of the week:
 Telling my kids :) I sent a note home for parents on Thursday. On Friday I talked with my kids about it for awhile. They were psyched and are really trying hard to name my baby... Their names are a little odd...

Food cravings: Always thirsty and still loving my milk... I've been craving sweet stuff the last couple of days, nothing specific, just wanting something sweet.

Food aversions:  Nothing really. I'm so glad that food doesn't make me feel gross anymore. 

Symptoms: So so so so so tired. I feel like a walking zombie. I was sleeping so well those first few weeks, but now I can't sleep more than like an hour or so at a time. I keep waking up through the night to switch positions, fix the blanket or because I'm too hot/cold. I can't seem to get comfortable. I blame part of it on trying to sleep on my side. I've been a solid back sleeper my whole life, but my doctor said I needed to start sleeping on my side. I'm trying, but it's just not comfortable. Last night I just had this sharp pain in my side every time I tried to lay on my side, it's just so uncomfortable and exhausting... I seriously think I might try sleeping on the couch tonight, maybe the different type of "bed" will help me get comfortable. 

Movement: We're weeks away from that! (but getting closer every week!!!!!) Some of the pregnancy forums I read have women who claim to feel the baby starting at week 12, but that seems a little far-fetched to me. Wishful thinking has me hoping it comes soon. My books say anywhere from 16-20 weeks is usually when you first feel it. Any moms out there want to share their experience? 

Gender: We find out March 1st!!!! It's so close, yet so far away... I want to be able to think of "it" as him or her, and start really thinking about names. We've brainstormed but it's so hard to really pick something when you don't know the sex. 

What I'm looking forward to: Hearing the heartbeat again on February 1st and then finding our what we're having just a month later! 

What I miss: SLEEP!!!! I just want to be able to sleep normally again. 

Next appointment: February 1st


  1. The clothes thing is very frustrating at this point isn't it! I was working in an office when I was pregnant with my first. At around the 12-13 week mark I had used up all my normal clothes in the week and was really having a hard time fitting into anything on the last day of the week. I grabbed a maternity jumper that my friend had sworn she had worn from 10 weeks on and asked my husband if I looked ok. When I was at work my boss looked at me (he knew I was pregnant) and said, is that a maternity dress?, I said yes, but that my husband said I looked good. My boss looked at me and said, Did he look at you? I still crack up when I think of this 13 years later!!! I got some maternity clothes the next day. I loved the Belly Basics maternity kit, it had a top, pants, skirt and a dress that I even wore home from the hospital with my baby!! A lot of companies now sell something similar which is great for this in-between time! Have fun!!

  2. You're looking great, girly!!

    I didn't feel fluttery movement until about 17 weeks and then by about 19 weeks they became full fledged kicks. Coolest feeling ever, I can't wait for you to get there! :)

  3. Good luck getting "normal" sleep again for a couple of years! LOL I'm teasing... sort of.

  4. I was freaked out big time when I wasn't feeling Kinley move by 20 weeks, but by week 21-22, I felt her all the time. So don't panic if it doesn't happen when it's "supposed to."

    Do you have the belly band to expand the life of your regular pants?


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