Saturday, January 28, 2012

16 Weeks


How far along: 16 weeks- holy crappo this is going by fast!   

How big is baby?: An avocado  this week. 4-5 inches in length and weighs 3-5 ounces. Several of my students ask each week how big the baby is. This week one said that we should start calling the baby whatever produce it is that week, so she is calling the baby Avocado this week.

Total weight gain: Almost 3 pounds this week!!! Crazy. I've gained a total of almost 7 pounds this pregnancy, which means almost half my weight gain was added this week...I really haven't been eating any more than usual this week, but I guess my body is holding onto more of it. 

Maternity clothes: Wearing yoga pants a lot these days... at work we call them black dress pants though, because I wouldn't dare wear yoga pants to work :) Most of my shirts still fit, some are too tight but some of them are really cute with my little belly poking out. In my mind it makes me look pregnant, but I probably just look fat. 

Best moment of the week:
 Hearing the heartbeat again. Even though hearing it involved a "crazy pregnant lady" moment, it was very reassuring and made me feel good that my little alien is in there and growing away. 

Food cravings: More Cheerios :) And Diet Pepsi, though I'm trying to limit the amount of Diet Pepsi I drink. 

Food aversions:  None :)
Zoey was feeling left out! 

Symptoms: I keep getting this weird pain in my lower right ab... kinda feels like pulling a muscle and makes it feel sore. I've been somewhat tired this week, but nothing close to what I was feeling in the first trimester. I felt well enough to hit the gym more regularly! I've had a lot of congestion lately and a few nosebleeds which is just obnoxious. 

Movement: Hoping for it to happen soon, but I know it could be another month before it happens. 

Gender: Find out in 32 days. For now I have my guesses. The Chinese gender calendar says boy, the fast heartbeats we've heard every time (all over 150) suggests boy, but my doctor says my intense morning sickness in the first trimester suggests girl. In my gut, I think it's a boy... but we will see. While I'm talking about gender, I think you should look over to the right and vote for what you think it is... come on... go ahead :) 

What I'm looking forward to: My appointment next Wednesday. I get to hear the heartbeat again! 

What I miss: Still missing sleeping on my back, I just can't get comfy on my side. 

Next appointment: Wednesday! This is the last appointment before our anatomy/gender scan. 

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