Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I need some advice!

Ok, so usually when I post a question or ask for advice on here, I get... crickets... nothing...(a little depressed) 

I mean I love you all, and you're great at commenting when I post my bling, stupid crap I do or when I posted about being all depressed about losing my job. But that's not what I need you for! So I am asking, rather begging, because I need some advice and I just don't know what to do.

The situation: My kids know. My brother-in-law's ex-girlfriend's next door neighbor (did you catch all that?) is one of my students. She told my brother-in-law that all the students in my class know that I'm pregnant.

The issue: My principal wanted me to wait until like March or April to tell the kids... it's January.

The Question: What do I do? Do I pretend that I don't know that they know? Do I just tell them? Do I just wait until one of them gets the balls to actually ask me?

So tell me what you think I should do, cause this is killing me and I really have no idea how to handle it. Honestly, pregnancy should come with a handbook about how to handle all the awkward and uncertain things that come up during those ten months... Page one of hand book should include a reminder that it's actually 10 months... no more of this 9 lie they keep passing around. 


  1. Are there specific reasons your principal wanted you to wait that also make you not want to discuss it with your students yet? Or is it more just "my principal doesn't want me to"? If it's the latter, then I'd say the first step is to talk to your principal again and just say, hey, here's the situation, is it really a big deal if I talk about it now? That's my first thought, anyway :) Without really knowing the reasons the principal asked you to wait until later to talk about it, I don't know what the consequences would be if you did. Good luck!

  2. I'd personally wait until one of the students asks you. Then be honest.

  3. I would just leave it alone until you are asked. If the principal has an issue, just tell him it slipped. He has to understand that newly pregnancy women can hardly open their mouths without the word "baby" slipping out. I wouldn't think that it's a big deal. His "March or April" thing was a suggestion...not a rule. I wouldn't fret.

    Then again, you could always tell your kids that it was a special secret that you only shared with them and that they have to help you keep it quiet. They may like the "job" of keeping a "special" secret.

  4. Is it a policy as to when they like the kids to know? I think I would tell the principal what is going on and see what his/her take is. I would imagine that this has come up before with kids knowing before a teacher is ready to tell her class. Anyway, my two cents! Good luck!

  5. Hey sis, I'd go see your principal tomorrow and let her know that some of the children know and get that letter for the parents ready asap!! Sorry that happened too because that kinda ruins the fun if someone squealed without you knowing! Shame on them...

  6. Definitely make the principal aware that you found out through a family connect that some people in your class may know about your pregnancy. It's completely out of your hands (since what were you supposed to do, not tell your family?), and as for the students, I would just wait until someone actually asks you and then come clean.

  7. I would meet with your principal and have a good chat about what happened just in case it gets back to her from somebody else and she thinks you may have said something. Good luck!!

  8. I would definitely chat with the principal asap just to give them the heads up that students already know. At that point he should understand that if a student does ASK about it, that you're not going to lie to them. I hope you get it all figured out!


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