Friday, January 6, 2012

I underestimated them.

I totally underestimated my students. I really didn't see how observant they really are.

I sent home my parent letter yesterday, letting them know that I was expecting, but that it wouldn't affect this year's students since I'm due over the summer. I figured that I should take a little time this morning to discuss it with my students and see how they were doing. When I asked how many of them knew before the letter, about half their hands were raised...well, I guess the cat was already out of the bag...

One kids said to me: "Well, I kinda thought you might be, but then you were eating all the time... like ALL THE TIME, so I figured you were probably just getting fat."

They all had name suggestions... most of them weird names, like Phineas and Ferb, or Digley. 

Now that they know, it's so funny that they're making connections to things that have been going on the past couple of weeks; like my frequent bathroom breaks, constant eating and how tired I've been all the time. 

I love them though, my kids are so happy for me, and are asking how I'm feeling. A couple even asked if they could get me anything, or help me out. It's days like this that I really love what I do. 

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