Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Show Me Your Bling

On my first day back to work after my glorious vacation, I am linking up with CMae for Bling Bling show us your ring.

The Ring:
I love my ring. I especially love the fact that Drew picked it out himself. Granted, I did a few hint, hint, nudge, nudge moments in college where I showed him similar rings, but when it came to the actual ring, it was all Drew. I also love the  fact that my wedding band has some bling to it... I loves me some diamonds. 

The Proposal: 
December 26th 2007 Drew proposed on the beach by our house (he told me were were going to look for sand dollars... we didn't find any) Drew had done the sweet (and totally brave) tradition of asking my father's permission to marry me. Granted he waited until my dad was on the roof of the shed shoveling snow (less chance of attack) but my dad didn't seem to mind much. His exact words were "Well, I let you have my beer-making stuff... I guess you can have my daughter too." Gee thanks Dad, glad to know where I rank in the scheme of things!  


  1. haha!!
    I think I would like your dad if I met him.. he sounds like mine!!

    I just hopped over from linking up my ring on cmae's bling bling link up, and saw yours and had to click over and see your story!!

    Very pretty! :)


  2. oh wow! Your rings are beautiful!!

  3. Gorgeous!! He did an awesome job! :)

  4. Nothing wrong with "helping" a guy out with a few of your 'ideas' lol! You go girl!!! Thank you thank you so much for linking up!!!! -C Mae

  5. Such a fun post! I love it! This was such a fun link up :) happy I found your adorable blog through it!

  6. Sometimes, they just need a nudge in the right direction. It's gorgeous! :)

    Love the comment your Dad made, that's too funny!

  7. Love your ring it is so beautiful!!!



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