Tuesday, January 24, 2012

That crazy pregnant lady...twice...in one day

Crazy pregnant lady episode # 1

I keep a box of Cheez-Its in my desk... cause baby loves them (at least I tell the kids it's the baby). They always settle my stomach and are a great quick snack. So today I'm sitting on a desk, eating my Cheez-Its while I read aloud to the kids at snack. Snack ends, I put my book away, send the 5th graders to math and usher in my 3rd grade math class.

The Cheez-Its? GONE

How? Where the heck did they go? Who would steal a pregnant woman's Cheez Its???? I looked EVERYWHERE. My kids looked EVERYWHERE... no Cheez-Its :( And they were sad too, cause they thought the baby would be missing it's snack and they worry about my little alien (which is actually pretty cute)

Fast forward to 5pm, as I'm heading out the door. I'm packing up, grabbing my coat, and decide at the last minute that I'm going to bring my laptop home.

And there they are. Sitting behind my laptop. Right. On. My. Desk.

How did 23 students AND I miss those all day long? It just makes no sense.

Crazy pregnant lady episode #2

I worry, you all know that, but today it got to be too much. For about a week now I've really been stressing about the baby and whether it's okay in there. I'm at the point in pregnancy where I'm over the morning sickness, which was my sign that things were going well, but I'm not far enough along yet to feel movement, which will be my next sign that things are going well. Right now I have no sign... and it is SCARY. Last night I had this way-too-realistic dream in which I went to my next OB appointment and found out that the baby had been dead for weeks and just floating around inside me.

Freaked. Me. Out

So I called my doctor today. And cried. Until they gave me an appointment. And I went in today and heard my little alien's heartbeat.

All is well with the world :) 

I felt crazy and stupid and over-dramatic...but I am so glad I did it, because it made me feel so much better. 

On a side note, as I was leaving school early to go to my appointment, one of my kids asked me what happened if the baby died inside of me...right like I needed to be asked that, at that exact moment. SERIOUSLY?!?

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