Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The universe is conspiring against me!

Every since my November OB appointment, I've been trying to get a freaking flu shot:

  • Went to place # 1, was told that my insurance wouldn't cover it there
  • Went back to place # 1, intending to just pay out of pocket and was told that there was no one in the pharmacy who was licensed to give the shot that day (well then take down the freaking sign out front that says "Flu Shot Available"... clearly not!)
Forgot about it for a little while until my December OB appointment where the nurse got mad at me for not getting it yet.

  • Went to place #2, was told that they are out of the shot, but to come back in Mid-February
At this point I was just annoyed and considered forgoing the shot all together. But of course I did some research and discovered that even if I don't get sick this year, having the shot can give the baby some immunity to the flu for next season... fine, the quest continues:
  • Today went to place # 3, THEY are also out of the shot
  • went to place # 4 and was told they don't have anyone on staff to give the shot
Here's the part that REALLY bugs me. All of the places I have gone have had signs out front encouraging me to come in, get my shot. Assuring me that they have the flu shot available.


My plan is to try place #5 and possibly #6 (if 5 is a dud) which are both next to work, I'm going to try right after work tomorrow... but if these two don't work out, I think I'm giving up, cause this is getting ridiculous. And if I go to SIX places and can't get the damn shot, then I am going to assume that this is just the universe's way of saying not to get one. 

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