Sunday, February 26, 2012

20 Weeks

Sooo... there's no picture this week. This post is a day late as it is, because I didn't want to post with out a picture and I hadn't gotten around to taking pictures until today. Drew took my picture, and though I'm sure he tried his best, there is no way in hell I'm posting those on the internet. Maybe it was what I was wearing today. Maybe I really am a whale... but it was not pretty and I don't want to look back on my pregnancy and feel that bad about myself. I know I'm not thin...I never have been, but gaining like this has been a blow to my self-esteem anyways, horrific pictures are just adding insult to injury. So, sorry, no pix of the bump this week. Maybe tomorrow I'll snap a pic before work and post that, but I wanted to get my weekly stats up tonight. 

How far along: 20 weeks... woah, we're halfway baked here. I remember at 7 weeks when this seemed so far away, but now it's here all of a sudden.

How big is baby?: I don't know if my app is messed up or what's going on, but it said the baby was the size of a mango last week and it still says it is the size of a mango this week... so who knows. It's clearly bigger (and more powerful) this week than it was last week! 

Total weight gain: I gained another pound this week...I seem to be pretty consistent about gaining 1 pound a week. This gives me a total of 11 pounds. At this rate I will gain 31 pounds by the end which is in the range that I should be in (doctor recommended 25-35 pounds total) This week I've definitely got quite the belly. Drew commented yesterday that it seems to have gotten "huge" which was a great word choice. 

Maternity clothes:
 It's vacation week, so I've lived in yoga pants and sweats... AH-mazing... not sure how my dress pants are going to fit next week. Really not looking forward to that.

Best moment of the week:
 When Drew felt the baby. At first I just thought he was messing with me, but he was able to tell me exactly when the kicks happened and where they were so I knew it was for real. So cool to be able to share that with him

Food cravings: All week all I've been able to think about are Frosted Flakes. I almost bought some last weekend, but figured the craving would pass. It didn't. So Drew bought me some yesterday :) I've also been craving egg rolls for a few weeks now and finally wore Drew down enough that we had Chinese for lunch yesterday... which was a mistake, because my stomach really hurt after that, but it was so yummy.

Food aversions: None!

Symptoms: I keep getting stomach aches, so I'm going to ask my doctor about that this week. I know it's not stomach just hurts. I've had quite a bit of back pain which is probably more from my hip/back issues accompanied by weight gain. I pee like crazy during the day, I mean this has gotten ridiculous... I am lucky though that it doesn't have me getting up at night (knock on wood) I can make it through the whole night right now, I just really have to pee when I get up in the morning. 

Movement: So much more! I love love love this amazing little feeling. I've been feeling it a couple of times a day now, mostly when I'm sitting or lying quietly, and especially when I play some music for it. There is no way to describe it because it's like nothing I've ever felt before... probably because I've never had something alive inside me before. The most amazing thing was that yesterday, Drew was able to feel it. Faintly... it was just a little bump, but it was phenomenal to share that with him. 

Gender: Finding out THIS WEEK folks. (until then you should vote on my poll over there on the right) 

What I'm looking forward to: Finding out what this little alien is this week!!!!!  

What I miss: SLEEP!!!!! I sleep like crap, just can't get comfortable or stay comfortable. And then I just feel like crap in the mornings, cause I'm tired... and maybe a little grumpy. Drew would say a lot grumpy. 

Next appointment: Thursday to see my pretty little baby again and find out what "it" is!!! 

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