Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays

This week I'm saying "It's Ok"

  • That I didn't change out of my sweatpants yesterday... or the day before. Don't worry, they were different pairs of sweatpants and I actually did shower... just enjoying my lazy vacation :)
  • Zoey got her hairs did I'm calling her my naked mole rat. I know she's more comfortable now... and can actually see... but I miss the little bear cub look


  • That I ate and ate AND ate all day yesterday... and still felt starving. For a tiny little 10 ounce baby can make me eat so much. 
  • That I sat on the couch yesterday... while Drew worked on grouting the tile in the upstairs bathroom and I felt guilty that I can't help with those things right now
  • That a little part of me enjoys all the things I can't do while pregnant. Like grouting tile, painting, etc. As guilty as I feel that I'm not very helpful, I kinda like it. 
  • That I don't like my baby bump right now, because it looks more like a "fatty ate too much" bump than a "sweet little baby growing here" bump. 
  • That despite disliking my bump, I love the feeling of this little bugger as he or she is getting stronger every day, I can feel him/her more and more... it's absolutely the most amazing feeling in the world, and has made every pain, discomfort, and symptom totally worth it. 
  • That I still can't believe there's actually a baby growing in there. Even now, where my stomach is grotesquely huge, and I can feel it moving around... it still doesn't feel real that in about 4 1/2 months I will actually give birth to a human being... so surreal. 


  1. how exciting to have a little one inside of you :) your blog is super cute girl! xo

  2. I'm sure your "baby bump" is adorable! And look at all the perks you get out of it? ;)

  3. Sweats are my favorite! It's pretty much the only thing I wear when I'm home. I feel uncomfortable wearing jeans if I'm not going anywhere for the day.

  4. I think you should definitely milk not being able to do certain things. Congratulations!

  5. So I went on an unintentional blog hiatus for a while that also included not reading other blogs.
    First off, CONGRATULATIONS! I've known for a while that you were pregnant but have been have yet to get around to congratulating you in person on on your blog. Either way, SO EXCITING!
    Second, You're an adorable pregnant lady. So jealous.
    Third, I CAN NOT wait until you guys find out the sex.


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