Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Make Him Squirm

I appear to have inadvertently found a way to make my husband squirm

I may or may not be loving it :) 

The other night I thought I felt the baby move. It was faint... just this tiny little movement, but I thought it might be it. In my excitement I quickly told Drew.

Who proceeded to gag. Uncontrollably. 

I of course, almost peed myself laughing because his reaction was so out there.

Once he was done gagging (and it took an inordinate amount of time for him to stop) he explained that a woman he works with told him that feeling the baby move feels like your inside are being pulled... from the inside, and that the though freaked him out.

I laughed harder.

The downside of this story? I don't think it was the baby moving :( I only felt it that one little time, and it hasn't happened since... so I'm guessing it was gas or something else moving around in there.

The upside of this story? I found a surefire way to made Drew squirm... and it makes me laugh... I may be a sick, sick individual... 

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