Thursday, February 2, 2012

My week in bullets

  • Monday I sent out a parent e-mail to all my parents telling them about a change in my homework policy and asking for their feedback... I got 3 responses
  • Today I sent an e-mail at 12:05 about an ice cream party our class is having next week... at 12:40 I had 12 e-mails already... funny how they don't really care about homework, but ice cream, yeah, it matters. 
  • Speaking of ice cream, I'm loving vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce this week... so yummy.
  • Last night I was really sick... like I thought I had food poisoning sick, and all I could think about was that I couldn't be out sick today because my desk was a mess and there was no way I was letting a sub see my desk like that
  • I talked to two of my coworkers about that, and the reminded me how amazing they are because the reminded me that if that were to happen the would not only clean off my desk for me in the morning, but put together sub plans for me... the longer I work in this new school, the more I love it and the people I work with. I never had this kind of support and love at my old school and I'm really enjoying it. 
  • I have a new bruise. Got my quad-screen done yesterday and the phlebotimist (too lazy to look up the spelling here) said I was "dry as a bone" so it was a hard stick. So I woke up with this: 
  • A kid asked me the other day whether I'm going to bring the baby to school with me. My wise response was that I already bring the baby to school with me every day... he thought that was hilarious
  • I'm struggling to get my weekly bump photos each week. Drew usually takes them but finding a time when he has time and I don't look like crap is getting pretty hard.


  1. I am loving your blog.. A new follower! Hang in there with the weekly photos! Take it easier on yourself!!!!!

  2. Sounds about right on the homework/ ice cream responses. Funny how the parents are the first to complain when missing homework makes the grades drop, though. Grrr.... It's the end of a tough week!

    Ouch, that bruise looks painful. Be sure you're drinking plenty of water before a blood draw. I was told that dehydration will cause bruising.


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