Monday, February 27, 2012

What a day

Today has been nutso.... It's 5:20, I got home 20 minutes ago, and I'm exhausted. So here goes:

  1. Got a phone call at 9:30 last night saying my grandfather had passed away. It wasn't unexpected... but it still shook me. He has been sick since I was a kid. Lung cancer. And has been getting worse and worse the past few years. Mid week I was told it was a matter of days or weeks, so I knew it was coming and had time to prepare. 
  2.  If you're keeping count, that makes 2 grandfathers in the past 8 months... I officially am grandfatherless unless you count Drew's grandfather... which I do.
  3. Didn't sleep last night. Between thinking about my grandfather and being on my "vacation sleep" cycle, it wasn't happening.
  4. Went to work exhausted 
  5. Had to write sub plans for tomorrow afternoon as my OB appointment is now Tuesday, not Thursday (woo hoo for 2 days earlier!)
  6. Wrote sub plans for Thursday and Friday because I knew the services for my grandfather would be later in the week, just wasn't sure when
  7. Talked to my mom on the way home from work. We're leaving Wednesday morning as it is a 9 hour drive to where my grandparents live and the services are on Thursday and Friday
  8. Began to panic a little that I have to write MORE sub plans and figure out how to keep my class on track while I'm not there. 
  9. Did manage to take a belly pic today to make up for a lack of one yesterday:

That was my day... I need a nap. 

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