Tuesday, March 13, 2012

According to my husband...

Our conversation last night:

Me: Mmmm, I want corn on the cob... when is corn in season?

Drew: not for a long time. Doesn't matter though, you can't have any until after July

Um... why?

Because preggers can't have corn on the cob


No, seriously they can't

Oh, but I can have regular corn?
It has to do with all the chemicals and stuff they spray on them

The husk protects the corn

Not from the stuff it sucks up while it's growing

Yeah, okay

No really, Google it

Google your face

Seriously, I work with this stuff, I know what I'm talking about (FYI, he works in the pricing department of a supermarket chain... with no actual contact with the food)

And then he tickeled my food until I cried mercy and admitted that he was right, he's always right... except I just mocked him on my blog, so I'm pretty sure I win... now if I can just find some corn on the cob, life will be complete.

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