Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Her Bubble!

My baby girl has got herself some 'tude already. I mean some serious attitude! Which may have me a little worried... since she's about negative 4 months old right about now, lord only knows what she'll be like as a toddler...or worse as a teen, but I swear this girl already knows what she wants and how to show she is displeased.

The evidence?

This girl is very protective or her personal space bubble. Never mind that she is actually IN my personal space bubble, she gets very offended if something invades her space. Any time we are in the car, she sits there kicking at the seat belt the whole time. I wear it as low as possible, but since she's riding so low, it appears to still be in her space. Any time I lean against the counter or cross my arms over my belly this girl gets some serious kicking action in to make sure I know she's not happy about the invasion of space. She even pulls it some time if Drew or I poke her, cause how dare we invade on her bubble. 

hil-a-rious. Makes me laugh every time... but also makes me cringe to think what I'm in store for. 

1 comment:

  1. hey i am a new blogger and have been following your blog for a little bit now. that is too funny that she doesn't want anything in her space! just imagine when she is born!


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