Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Observations from today

  • Going with the obvious today; it was 84 degrees out today. Eighty-freaking-four degrees. Okay, for those of you who are all "no big deal". Please remember that I live in MAINE. You know, the frozen tundra of snow and ice. Okay, so I exaggerate... a little. It's just 84 in March... pretty sure it hasn't happened before. I mean we don't even get into the 80's everyday during the heat of summer. I could insert a sarcastic joke about the joys of global warming here... but I'll leave it to your imaginations. '

  • 5th graders LOVE tri-folds. Not sure why... but any time we have a project or presentations my students are all "can I make a tri-fold?" or "I have extra tri-folds I can bring in for my group". What the heck? I don't want your ginormous, free-standing poster taking up 87% of my classroom.

  • I was told like 8 times today how "cute" and "great" I'm looking. I feel like a whale. Should I be happy that others think I look good, or assume the worst and think that they're really just placating me because my whale status at 6 months freaks them out and they feel true pity for my eventual girth at 9 months? Here, you judge, this is what I worse today:


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