Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Should You Be Doing That?"

On Friday I spent a bunch of my prep period at work standing on a chair stapling projects to the wall outside of my classroom. Parent-teacher conferences are coming up and I wanted kids to be able to show off some of their work.

During my time up on that chair I must have been asked at least 10 times if I should be up on a chair like that. Those who weren't asking just told me that I was making them nervous.

But did any of them offer to do it for me?

Of course not! So here's my advice. If you're not willing to do it for me, don't tell me I can't/shouldn't be doing it. 6 months pregnant or not, stuff still has to get done.

Personally, I think it's fine. I have great balance, I'm not taking any risks like leaning way over or trying to reach too high. Whatever, I get that it makes people a little nervous, but it drives me nuts that so many people walked by and commented... yet none bothered to offer help or to take over the job for me.

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  1. Sometimes I have other teachers walk in on me standing on a desk and they still say that to me, AND I'M NOT EVEN PREGNANT. Some people just can't mind their own business.
    And when it is a tough spot to put something up, I just ask one of my boys that recently went through a growth spurt! Standing on a desk and doing a 360 when they jump off is how they define fun so I let them at it.


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