Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Talking Advantage

I have a hard time saying no to my little brother. A ten year age gap and lots of babysitting him when I was younger gives him this pull over me.

My mom takes advantage of this.

I could give 100 different examples, but I will stick with Monday night:

My little brother called me saying he needed a ride home after school Tuesday afternoon because he had a hockey thing...that got over at 2:30. On a normal day that would mean he would have to wait around for me because my students don't leave until 3 and I usually can't leave until 3:30ish (unless I'm being a slacker... which seems to happen more and more these days). Tuesday though, is the day I have my children's circus group* which means I can't peace out until like 5... not to mention that taking the kid home means my drive home takes at extra 20 minutes or more depending on traffic. Right, cause I have nothing better to do.

Once he discovered he would have to wait around for 2 1/2 hours, he called around and found a friend who could drive him instead. Sweet, one less thing to deal with. But, of course, it couldn't end there. As he's thanking me for agreeing to take him home, my mom asks from the background which days I have my group every week.

I know where this is going.

My mom has a newish job that is about 45 minutes away from home... my dad just got a brand new job that is an hour in the opposite direction. Guess who they want to pick up the slack? I don't mean to be ungrateful or unkind, but I did NOT have a kid when I was 10. I have my own life and responsibilities that do not include making sure a 15 year old has a ride home in the afternoon. I wouldn't mind if it was every now and then when the schedule is tight... but if past precidence pravails, this will be come a weekly or more thing as soon as it happens once.

I really hate that she tries to take advantage of me... and I hate myself more for feeling like I can't say no.

*nothing funnier than a pregnant klutz trying to teach kids how to unicycle, juggle, and work devil sticks... all things that I can't do myself

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  1. Don't beat yourself up! I'm going through the same thing! We live with my mother n law, cause we just moved back from Missouri, & had nowhere else to go! So now, I am EXPECTED to pick up her slack when she can't. I know she just had knee surgery, & like you, I also feel guilty for feeling this way, becasue I really love my mother n law, but hate, all the extra responsibility! Just because we live here! Sorry for such a long comment! You're not alone!


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