Monday, March 12, 2012

Useless on my own

I came to two realizations yesterday while Drew was gone. He left at 4 in the morning (which felt like 3 because of the time change) to go ice fishing in east gish (aka Northern Maine) with his dad and grandfather and got home around 6:30ish. Here is what I discovered about myself:

1) I am useless on my own. I came to this realization around 2pm when I realized that I hadn't gotten dressed, eaten anything or done anything more productive than take the dog for a walk... in my pjs. I tend to do this when I'm home alone with nothing on my schedule. I KNOW I didn't eat enough yesterday, which is probably why I was so tired, but I did enjoy my relaxing day... which leads me to realization number 2;

2) I would be a horrible stay at home mom. I joke with Drew that he needs to make more money so that this could be an option for us... but I have a feeling it would probably be bad for me. Granted, when there's an actual kid in the picture I might change my ways. However, based on my current lack of motivation/time management. Me as a SAHM would mean that the kid and I would sit around in our pj's all day, the house would be a mess, and we would both either starve to death or get ridiculously fat off "easy" meals and snacks.

On a related note; my dog is worse than me. I had to wake her up yesterday morning to go for our first walk. Then, almost 9 hours later, I had to wake her up again to go for another walk. Those 9 hours in between walks? Yup, she slept that whole freaking time! What a bum!!!!

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