Sunday, March 11, 2012

We used all the good baby names!

Lesson learned.

Don't name the dogs in your life names that you would want to name future potential children.

I've wasted used my two favorite girls names on dogs, and now Drew and I can't agree on a name.

Lexi as a puppy.

Rewind about 5 years ago. I was a senior in college and my parents were getting a golden retriever puppy. I worked hard with my sister to convince my dad that Alexis, shortened to Lexi, would be the perfect puppy name. At the time I was not thinking about kids, hello I was 21... looking back I realize that Alexis would have been perfect for our little girl.

Zo as a baby

 Fail #1

3 years ago? I did it again. As a wedding gift (and might I add the best wedding gift EVER) Drew bought 3 years ago? I did it again. As a wedding gift (and might I add the best wedding gift EVER) Drew bought me our adorable little peanut. About 30 seconds after seeing her sweet little face, I knew Zoey was the perfect name for her.* Zoey would be another perfect name for our little girl.

Fail #2

Loves her!
So here we are, at 22 weeks pregnant, eagerly anticipating the arrival of our little girl... but with no idea what to call her. We don't agree on any names! We have VERY different ideas about names and they... well to put it politely they are at opposite ends of the spectrum. Which means we both have several names that we are in love with, and that the other one hates. 

This stinks! I want to name my little girl. I want to call her by name when I talk to her and put letters up on her (not even begun) nursery walls. I have a feeling this little princess won't have a name until the day she is born...and maybe a little after.

*Side note: back in high school, Drew and I watched some show with a girl named Zoe in it, and agreed that if we ever had a daughter, we would name her Zoey with a y. I forgot about this as I named our puppy.


  1. Oh no! Can you at least start with what type of name you want (Irish, Indian, classic) and go from there? How about if you work on a meaning for the name and then look for a name you like that carries that meaning? My DH and I were stuck on a girl's name too, and we pulled out my Irish family tree to see if there was any name on there. We actually found a last name we liked (Reilly) and ended up using that as our daughter's name.

    Good luck!

  2. So funny, I feel the same way! Our family dog is named Chloe and I've always loved that name.

  3. So sorry!! Good luck and hopefully yo'll find one that you both love and soon so that you can start calling her that!!

  4. So funny!! Congratulations on having a little girl!! That is so exciting! My parents named my sisters and I all names that could add a y for a nickname, Kathy, Wendy, Sandy, because it went with their first baby, a dog named Tammy! Good luck! I loved having a name for my kids when I was pregnant, but both my sisters found out the sex of their babies but did not name them until they were born!! I look forward to reading your journey!!

  5. Coming up with baby names is hard! We just had our second last summer and actually introduced a whiteboard in our office with a running list of boys and girls names. Whenever one of us came p with a name we wrote it on the list and then we crossed off from there. It helped us narrow down our search, and went into the delivery with a "shortlist" of names. I found middle names so much easier (we named after family). But first names...oh my! Best of luck to you :-) PS - had our baby been a girl, she would have been Avery.

  6. I named our fluffballs Cookie and Oscar after Sesame Street but somehow I think I am going to call our Isabel cookie as a nickname!!

  7. That is so funny! Thankfully, there are so many wonderful names to choose from. Congrats on the baby girl!

  8. Congrats on your pregnancy! I wish I had started my blog during this special time. And by the way I totally undersand - I named my dog Carrie and befor we knew we were having twin boys I told my hubby "there's a chance we will have to give Carrie a new name so we can call our daughter Carrie"
    He was not convinced, even tough I was carrying his children!

  9. My sisterly advise would be to try mashing up your fav names together and see if anything sparks...although I hear Abigail is a lovely strong name for a girl :) just hear to help!!


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