Saturday, March 10, 2012

Zumba is my ego boost

I love Zumba. Pre-pregnancy it was my easy workout. I used it to stretch out and have some fun after boot camp classes that had kicked my butt. These days? Yeah, it's pretty much my regular workout. Can't do boot camp since it's too intense and would make my heart rate too high, but I still love Zumba so I've been doing it right along.

Not gonna lie, it kinda kicks my butt. Not like boot camp used to, but in an exhausted, sore kind of way that makes me feel a little lame. Not only am I rocking the gym with my baby bump, but I'm getting winded way easier than ever and I usually need a nap after class.


I'm still doing better than like 3/4 of the class. Today in class, as I was feeling a little lame for my beet-red face and short of breath breathing, I looked around, and realized I was doing better than most of the women in there with me. There was the woman in the back who was half doing all the moves. Or the other woman who sat down through half of a song because she was too winded. There was the skinny woman who put her hands on her knees at the end of class and said that she was done for the week.

I may not be in the shape I was before (both my fitness level AND physical shape), but I'm still proud of myself for making it to the gym as often as I do. I do Zumba twice a week, hit the cardio/strength training another 2 days a week AND walk the dog at least once, sometimes twice a day. Not bad, right?

I complain and feel bad about the weight that I've gained, but at the same time I know it is for the most beautiful of reasons and that all my hard work to stay in reasonable shape during pregnancy will make it that much easier to get my body back after she's born. I may not have a perfect body, but I'm pretty damn proud of all it's doing these days. 

On another, related, note. I've noticed that Zumba seems to put the baby to sleep. I'll be standing there before class with her kicking all around and dancing. During the first song she starts to kick less and then the rest of class she doesn't budge. A few minutes after class ends though she picks it back up. I don't know if the motion of my body puts her to sleep or if she's just in there listening to the music, but it's pretty cool. 

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  1. So I was reading this article the other day about how studies are now showing women who exercise while pregnant, not only have babies with stronger hearts, but they might also have babies with higher IQs. And, the more you work out the less back pain you'll have during pregnancy and afterwards. So keep it going!


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