Saturday, April 28, 2012

29 Weeks

How far along: 29 weeks... just eleven (give or take) to go

How big is baby?:
The size of a small cabbage. AKA 17 inches and 2.9 pounds ish. Cause we don't really know. For all I know she's currently like 5 pounds and is going to be a heifer... or she's like a pounds and I need to be worrying. This whole "no more ultrasounds cause you're healthy" thing blow because I want to see my baby and make sure shes okay... and that she's still a she.

 Total weight gain: I'm too lazy to check this week. So a mystery. The doctor told me Thursday that my weight gain looks great, so I'm focusing on that rather than a number... cause the numbers may depress me. 

Maternity clothes: Shockingly still fitting into several pairs of regular pants and tops. More of my tops are maternity though as my reg stuff gets too short to cover this bump. As for my maternity pants... yeah, she doesn't like those too much. At least the ones with the full belly panel. When I wear those she sticks her little bum and/or head out as hard as she can and it really hurts.

Best moment of the week:
Not necessarily the "best" moment of the week, but the most memorable is Tuesday night when looked down and realized I can no longer see my feet when I stand up straight... The best moment of the week was this morning, when Drew traded my best friend Cold Stone ice cream for a chance to hold her daughter. Seeing Drew want to hold her so much melted my heart. Watching him cuddle her, play with her fingers and stare at her in amazement just about made me cry. He's never been around babies, or even little kids before, so seeing him like this just makes me melt... and makes July seem like a lifetime away. I can't wait to see what Drew is like with his own little girl. I already know that from the moment she is born, she will have him wrapped around her itty-bitty finger. 

Food cravings: Love my DD iced tea still, it's 99 cents for any size still, but that ends next Saturday. At which time I will die a slow and painful death... or pony up the like 2-something dollars for them. I also can't stop with the Cheerios. Like my day doesn't feel complete if I don't have them afterwork everyday.

Food aversions: Still not loving chicken, but I've eaten it a few times this week and it wasn't too horrible. Except for that night that Drew pretended to gobble raw chicken and I ended up up-chucking because with the smell of raw chicken and the squishing sound of Drew cutting it... it was just too nasty.

Symptoms: I pee all the time, my back hurts all the time and I don't. freaking. sleep. I can manage about 45 minutes at a time before I am too uncomfortable and I need to move. Except the belly is just so big now that rolling over and switching positions is a big to-do and I have to completely wake up to move. It sucks. A lot. I can handle the heartburn, the big gut, the nose bleeds, the back pain and the peeing, but I just want to sleep.

Movement: Like I said before, she sticks her little butt and head out when something (like my maternity pants or seatbelt) pushes against her. She's also started doing it when I lie on my side in bed at night. She shoves into the mattress and it is VERY painful. Guess she's not going to help me get some sleep. '
Gender: As far as I know, still a little girl. She better be cause her name, room decorations, and favorite color have already been decided for her! What I want most right now (besides some serious sleep) is another ultrasound to check her little no-nos and make sure she really is a she.

What I'm looking forward to: My baby showers! I have 2 coming up the end of May/beginning of June and I just can't wait to start getting stuff for this little girl.

What I miss: SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

Next appointment: In about 2 weeks... blows my mind that we're now at the point where I go every two weeks... things are getting serious up in here! 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Name Game

I started this little game with my students, that I've decided to also start on the blog. It's called the Name Game (original right?) Basically my students are dying to know the baby's name, but I'm a sick, sick person and I enjoy the torture... so I'm going to prolong their not knowing. 

Here's the game:

I give one clue a week about her name, then you have all week to guess. In my classroom I have a sweet pink box on my desk where kids can put in their guesses. Here, you can just comment. 

The classroom has two rules. They can only make 2 guesses a week and they have to put their name on their guess.

Here, you have 2 rules that are a little different:
1) No playing if you've actually been told the name. Sorry, but that's hardcore cheating.
2) You have to leave a comment.

Easy enough, right? Depending on how long it takes (and how many clues have to be given) there may be a prize. 

This weeks clue: Her name has 9-letters, but there is a nickname. 

That's all you get for now. Let's see who figures this out first. A room full of 5th graders, or my blog readers.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

This is how we pay the $1.75 toll on the highway


28 Weeks

How far along: 28 weeks... just twelve (give or take) to go

How big is baby?:
 The size of a head of cauliflower... which is apparently 16 inches and 2.5 pounds... I guess I've never really looked at cauliflower before.

Total weight gain: I gained about 1 1/2 pounds this week which brings me to a total of 19 1/2 pounds gained. Gah! Whatever, in talking with people who are close to the same week in pregnancy that I am, I have realized that there is no "normal" amount of weight gain for any given week and while that frustrates the hell out of me because I like to be able to compare myself to others, I just have to deal.
Maternity clothes: No idea what fits this week. It's vacation, which has meant a lot of yoga pants, sweats and skirts on the two days it got into the 80's. It's going to suck next week when I actually have to get dressed everyday.

Best moment of the week:
 Just sitting and watching this little girl move. It's been 10 weeks since I first felt her move and it still fascinates me on a daily basis. I keep waiting for it to get old, but it doesn't. 

Food cravings: Still really loving the DD iced tea... I've only had one this week, so I feel like I'm going through withdrawal... need. iced. tea. Other than that I've been craving sweet stuff, but have actually done pretty well not giving in. It hasn't been too hard since we don't have any junk food in the house.

Food aversions: I realized the other day that I've been having an aversion to chicken for the last couple of weeks. Every time Drew and I talk about having chicken for dinner it just sounds gross, but I didn't think much of it. Then we had some the other night and I realized just how gross I found it, which is weird, because I normally love chicken. 

Symptoms: Lots of peeing, more back pain, some restless legs at night and cramping muscles that are just uncomfortable. I sleep like crap, but that's nothing new. 

Movement: She has discovered my ribs. She loves them. I don't. She gets her little feet caught up under my rib cage and pushes, pulls, and kicks. She still has enough space in there to move quite a bit, so those rib-shots are rough. She also had a couple of kicks this week that were so strong they took my breath away. I've been assured that she will run out of space to move soon and then her kicks wont be as strong... not sure if I believe that.
Gender: As far as I know, still a little girl. She better be cause her name, room decorations, and favorite color have already been decided for her! 
What I'm looking forward to: Her getting here! I feel right now like I'm so close, yet still so far from holding her in my arms. I just want July to get here so I can have her with me. 
What I miss: Being able to tie my shoes without sitting down or putting my feet up on something. This bump is making it awfully tough to move certain ways. 

Next appointment: This Thursday! 

Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Fires

We have a serial arsonist in our town. Thus far, no one has been hurt. The arsonist(s?) have been targeting abandoned houses on the west side of town, and yes, I live on the west side of town... right now I think we're up to 5 in the past couple of weeks. 

It's sketchy people.

Every time I hear sirens or see a fire truck I get a little nervous. I keep waiting to hear that they've switched things up and escalated. I worry about leaving Zoey home alone.

What was really scary though, was the other night. Drew and I were sitting around watching TV when we heard a TON of sirens. It sounded like they were coming from right behind out house. Not in the same direction that the other fires have been, but really close. We saw one set of flashing red lights head towards the center of town (again, the opposite direction that they other fire have been). Drew and I decided it was time to take Zoey out, but as we stood up to take her, the lights suddenly went out. At first I thought that Drew had hit the wrong light switch and accidently turned off the kitchen lights. Nope, power was out... and of course the majority of our windows and doors were opened and/or unlocked.


We searched the house for monsters and ax murderers and locked up. But I was still scared. The whole idea of someone running around setting fires was just getting to me. Add to that being stuck in the dark and I was just freaking out... like my hands were shaking.

So we went to Drew's parent's house... cause when all else fails, you run to mommy and daddy... even when you're 25 and expecting a baby of your own... yeah, we're lame... and I'm a chicken.

We hung out there for awhile. Saw on the news that the latest fire was an accidental fire above a local pizza joint, not arson. Power was out to half the town because the power company had shut it off. So we went home, checked the house again (just in case any monsters or ax murderers found their way in while we were gone) and went to bed. Drew fell asleep quickly while I laid there convinced that every noise was a murderer/monster coming to get me. Finally at like 3 am the power came back on and I was able to sleep. I guess in my mind ax murderers and monsters are more likely to attack when you lack electricity... the currents running through the wires must scare them off or something... right?

That was my sketchy night the other night. I really need them to find the person or people responsible for all these fires.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Wonderful Giveaway

Elena over at The Art of Making a Baby is doing yet another amazing set of giveaways. This girl is amazing... and I don't know how she does it. Right now she is doing FOUR giveaways at once, all for different breast feeding supplies that she found most useful with her new baby. Since I really want to breast feed, and I'm trying to prepare myself as much as possible for it, I think it would be amazing if I won... but I also want to share with readers of mine who are pregnant and/or breast feeding right now.

Elena has been amazing as a pregnancy resource and now that she has her baby, I look forward to her advice and thoughts on all things attachment parenting, breast feeding and newborns in general.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dear Baby- End of the second trimester

Dear Baby Girl,

It still thrills me to be able to say "girl". To know what you are and to think about putting your in sweet little pink outfits... you will probably detest the color pink as soon as you're old enough to distinguish between colors. While I'm thrilled that you're a little girl... I worry that maybe the tech was wrong... and you're actually a bouncing baby boy. Not that a boy wouldn't be amazing as well... but to go all this time and think of you as a little girl. To plan and buy and prepare, would just be depressing to find out they were wrong.
3 weeks ago, when I started this post, I was apologizing for not having a name for you yet.I was certain that your daddy and I would not be able to agree. I probably shouldn't ever doubt your father. It takes him awhile to warm up to things, but he's pretty great when he comes around. Case in point? Your name. I knew what I wanted to name you before I knew you were a girl. I had this gut instinct that you were a girl, but everyone told me it wouldn't happen and that you were a boy, so I didn't push the name thing. No point arguing for a girl's name if it's a boy. As soon as we found out though, I knew what I wanted to name you... I just didn't know if your daddy would agree. He hesitated. Your name is unique, so I get that he would be uncertain, but it really is perfect for you. 
This trimester has been busy, so much has happened! You (and I!) got big these past weeks. I got to start feeling your little movements and, as they got stronger, so did our love for you. Let me tell you little girl, your daddy is already over the moon for you. He loves to put his hand on my belly and feel you kick. In fact, he gets a little annoyed when you aren't kicking and end up yelling "hey baby" and "kick your mama" at you in the hopes that you will get grooving.

I love the way you feel, but girl, I do not love all the things you've done to my body. First off, I'm huge. I know it's a good huge, but holy monkeys girl! Second, the heartburn. Thanks for holding off as long as you did, but this stuff is nasty. Most of all though, I'm just hungry... all.the.time. I can't wait to eat like a normal person again. As in not every 20 minutes. I also can't wait to be able to go more than 45 minutes in a day without peeing. I know none of this is your fault, and that if I had to do it all over again (like when I give you younger siblings) I totally would. Going through all of this is amazing and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Now that we're officially in the home stretch of this pregnancy, I am just getting so excited to meet your little face. I can't wait to see who you look like and hold you in my arms. I also can't wait to see how Zoey reacts to your presence. Already you two play together. I was holding her on my belly the other day, and you kicked her in the leg. Zoey wasn't going to let that go, so she kicked you back. It was so cool to see you two interacting like that. I know you will be close, and that you will love this little dog as much as your daddy and I do. I also know how much she is going to love and look after you.

I can't wait to meet you baby!

Your Mama

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Exercise and Pregnancy

For most of my pregnancy (once I got over the mad morning sickness of the 1st trimester) I have been doing Zumba twice a week and hitting up the cardio/strength training another two days a week... I had been so proud of myself. I felt accomplished. When I told people I was still hitting the gym several days a week they looked at me with a mixture of shock, awe and a little bit of "she's crazy"... I liked those looks. 

Yeah, that's a no go these days. Working out just exhausts me so much that I can't handle it. I mean I will go to the gym for an hour and end up napping for two afterwards because I literally can't manage to stay awake any longer. I know that can't be good for me, or the baby.

 I've decided that I'm going to stick with my Zumba for the next few weeks, because I love it, but not to worry about the rest. I walk Zo every day, usually twice a day, so I get plenty of movement in. What I am worried about though, is getting ginormous. Last week, when I only went to the gym once, I gained 2 pounds! I don't even eat that much. I eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm not. I eat some junk food, but not a ton... so I'm worried that without the additional exercise I'm going to start packing on the pounds.

I am a little disappointed in myself though. Logically I know it has nothing to do with being weak or lazy... but part of me can't help but feel that way. Like I'm not trying hard enough. I know this choice is the best thing for me and the baby, but it sucks to admit defeat. I had these lofty dreams of working out right up until the very end. I guess I just have to be proud of making it to 27 weeks without cutting back...we'll see how much longer I last before I cut out the gym completely! 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

27 Weeks

How far along: 27 weeks- welcome to the 3rd trimester baby! 

How big is baby?:
 She is the size of a cucumber this week, 15 inches and 2.2 pounds. 

Total weight gain: Ok, this is gross... I gained another TWO pounds this week... bringing my total weight gain to 18 pounds... Drew mooed at me when I told him... he's such a sweatheart. And I'm freaking out. 18 pounds... holy crap.
Maternity clothes: I discovered this week that baby girl does not like my maternity pants with the full belly panel. I guess I should have known that, since I know how she feels about things invading her space... but those are the comfiest pants i can squeeze into right now and whenever I wear them she pushes out painfully on the elastic waist part. On the plus side, an amazing woman I work with gave me a whole bunch of maternity clothes which has made getting dressed for work every morning about a million times easier. 

Best moment of the week:
 Being on vacation!!!! As of yesterday I have a whole week off to relax with my puppy and my baby. Another highlight of the week was telling my in-laws baby girl's name. They loved it and were so excited... my parents? Not so much. Oh well, can't please everyone. I love her sweet little name no matter what others think of it. Everyone else I've told it to thinks it's unusual, but a beautiful name for a little girl. 

Food cravings: Dunkin Donuts Iced Tea. OM Gee I love this stuff. I could drink it all day everyday. Bonus? It's on special for 99 cents for any size. I checked this morning at the local DD and discovered that this special goes until May 4th... SCORE. I, of course, snagged the ginormous jumbo size several times this week (and last!) which means I pee all day long, but I still love it :) Other than that I've been eating way too much Easter candy... more cause it's here than because I really crave it...that could account for those two pounds. 

Food aversions: None this week. Though the raw hamburgers Drew was prepping Thursday night made me gag... but I think that was more the smell of raw meat than an aversion issue. 

Symptoms: *Knock on wood* I haven't had any real heartburn this week. Little bouts that didn't last long, but nothing compared to what I was experiencing last week. I came to the sad realization this week that I have to cut back on my workouts. I'm pretty sure that's going to have to be a post on it's own... but it kinda sucks. Saying this might come back to bite me in the butt, but I'm amazed that I have to pee every 45 minutes during the day, but I can manage to go from 10pm until 6am every night with out having to get up. Granted, I'm not sleeping that whole time, but at least I'm not getting out of my nice warm bed to go to the bathroom. 

Movement: Little girl is active. Which I love, but she's also getting strong... which I don't love so much. I love feeling her move, but some of her kicks are starting to get painful and more blunt. At school Thursday her little foot was sticking out so far that one of the kids was staring at it with a disgusted look on her face and had to ask what it was that was sticking out of my gut. Pretty sure I scarred her for life. 

Gender: Baby girl, who now has a name :)

What I'm looking forward to: Working on baby girl's room this week while I'm home on vacation.

What I miss: Meh, nothing really... I mean yeah, I miss a good night's sleep, but I know that those days are over for a long, long time... so I'm getting over it. I know these last 13 weeks are going to go by crazy fast, so I want to just enjoy it before I'm the size of a narwhal, minus the horn. 

Next appointment: April 26th will be my 28 week

I can't believe I'm going to do this... I always thought I would never post a picture of my actual belly on the internet, but I took this picture this week, and I just have to share. It amazes me that there really is a baby in there. This is my belly at 27 weeks. Yeah it's huge and sticks wayyyyy out there, but how cool is that? 

Friday, April 13, 2012

This is getting old!

If you read my post the other day about how my house is under attack, then you already know about Russel... well, he's still here, and now that I'm home today, I realize just how obnoxious he is. 

While I have no plans to kill OR eat Russel... I am rather frustrated with his constant attacks. He's loud, and obnoxious. According to the research I've done. He's an aggressive male who sees his reflection as a threat... Their only advice is to cover the window completely... lovely. 


One of the perks of being a public school teacher? That's right, April Vacation, and I am officially on it! Parent teacher conferences are over, Thursday was our last day, and I have the next 10 days of freedom. My big plans?

  1. puppy cuddles
  2. baby belly rubs
  3. naps
  4. t.v. watching
  5. hitting up the gym (since after going I can jump back to #3 for as long as I want)
  6. visits with friends I haven't seen for awhile
  7. reading
  8. four days in a row with the hubby... which we will spent mudding Sheetrock in our new guest room in the hopes that we can finish that soon and move on to the baby's room.

Yeah I know, boring... and #8 will just plain suck... but it's ten days where I don't have to worry about answering e-mails, setting up behavior plans, writing lesson plans, grading work, stressing on how I'm going to reach "that kid" and all the other debauchery that goes along with being an educator these days... sounds like bliss to me.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good thing one of us has skillz

... It's not me!

Drew is the one with the mad skills. And thank God for that. If it weren't for him our house would be gross, outdated and costing us a fortune to fix up. 

Case in point? Our upstairs bathroom. This is the only "before" picture I can find. But you can see the nasty counter top. The gold glass shower enclosure (ew ew ew) and outdated medicine cabinet. Not to mention a broken toilet and nasty tile floor. All in all, not cool. So in the process of our total-house remodel, which we've been working on for the last 3 years. We have come a long long way. 

This is what our bathroom looks like now. Check out the beautiful tile. Custom shower. The beautiful vanity and mirror. All this? Yep, the hubby did it. He did all the plumbing, all the time work, installed everything. My man has some skillz, mad skillz. I am so proud of him. I love the new bathroom. Even better? I love that this gorgeous, custom bathroom was constructed for about 1/4 the usual cost, because Drew was able to do it all himself. All we had to buy were the materials. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's kinda like a Hitchcock movie... except it's just one... but I'm pretty sure that one is evil

We have a new houseguest around here... except he's mean... possibly evil, and I don't know how to get rid of him.

His name is Randall, and he is a robin. Now, I have no pictures of Evil Randall, because he is THAT evil, and whenever he comes around I focus on not having any of my windows smashed in and the poor dog having a heart attack.

Sorry, I'm not explaining this well. Let's rewind and start from the beginning. The other day Drew kept hearing this thumping noise in the basement. Like it sounded like someone was trying to smash in the back door. He investigated while I sat on the couch not really giving a crap waited upstairs. When he came back he said there was a robin bashing into the window on the door. He put a towel over the door, the robin stopped, end of story.


Sunday morning Drew heard it again. This time on the kitchen window. Jerk had just moved on! He made a lot of noise, but then we had to leave for Easter stuff so we didn't think about it again.

This morning:

He's ba-Ack. He was smashing into the kitchen window so hard I really thought it was going to break. See all those scratches on the window. Yeah, that's from him! Drew put a lovely towel over that window too:


And he stopped. Drew left for work and I finished getting ready. And then? Yup, I heard it coming from the breezeway! WTH!!!!  I did the quick-fix, covered THAT window too and then peaced out for the day. 

What the heck do we do??? This evil bird won't leave us alone. I don't know why, but he is determined to get in our house and it's kind of freaking me out. He hits it really hard and I legit think he's going to break one of these windows. Any advise out there? We've tried hitting the window and yelling at him to scare him off. It works for like .2 seconds and then he is back again. We don't want to hurt him, but we really don't know how to get him to leave. Not to mention that he is freaking the pup out.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

26 Weeks

How far along: 26 weeks, aka 6 1/2 months!

How big is baby?:
My app did it again, it says she's still the size of an eggplant, but the size values changed from 9 inches last week to 9.2 inches ad from 1.7 pounds to pounds

Total weight gain: Despite my food binges this week (which I'll write about below) I only gained the recommended pound this week, bringing my total weight gain to 16 pounds. My preggo app says that I should have gained anywhere from 15-22 pounds this week, so I'm right on track.
Maternity clothes: More of my clothes don't fit :( but this really sweet woman at work, who is due in May, loaned me a big bag of maternity clothes. Everything from shirts, shorts, dresses, and sweaters. No joke, it made my day! I know it's stupid, but I really don't want to buy maternity clothes. I just don't want to spend the money now when in like 3-4 weeks my body will change drastically. I have no problem wearing maternity clothes, I just want to buy stuff that is going to last more than a few weeks before I'm too big for them!

Best moment of the week: We has a name!!! And no, I'm not saying what it is, but Tuesday night Drew and I decided for sure on both her first and middle names. I love it because we've starting calling her it when we're home. We haven't decided when (or if!) we are going to tell people her name, but it feels great to have figured it out.  

Food cravings: Sooo... I may have been a fatty this week... that's a lie, I was totally a fatty this week. I ate almost a whole carton of chocolate ice cream this week and an entire bag of Cheetos over the week. I mean, it's not like I sat down and scarfed all that down in one sitting, but I just had this overwhelming urge for these food that I know I don't need, and especially know that she doesn't need. Ugh, felt so gross. Thank goodness I didn't balloon out the way I deserve to after those binges. Hopefully I'll have more self control next week.

Food aversions: None this week.
Symptoms: Oh boy! Heartburn has kicked in, I don't have severe heartburn, but I have it often and bad enough that it's pretty miserable. I swear between the back pain and heartburn I didn't sleep more than 2 hours last night. Ugh. Awful! I know I need to consider myself lucky, I have a friend who since 20 weeks has such bad heartburn that she feels like she swallowed battery acid. I made it to 25 weeks before my first round of it, and mine isn't nearly as bad. I told the baby last night that I love her more than anything, but that some of the things she does to my body are pretty crappy.

Movement: She's moving more consistently this week than she did last week. She's starting to get stronger, so sometimes her kicks almost take my breath away. The other day she was kicking so hard that it hurt to stand up, so I had to make my students come over to me while they were working instead of roaming like I usually do.
Gender: Baby girl, who now has a name :)

What I'm looking forward to: 3rd trimester soon and getting started on her room. Now that we have a name I really want to get some of those wooden letter blocks and paint/decorate her name to go over her crib.
What I miss: Sleep! I just want to sleep!!!

Next appointment: April 26th will be my 28 week... crazy... just crazy...
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