Saturday, April 28, 2012

29 Weeks

How far along: 29 weeks... just eleven (give or take) to go

How big is baby?:
The size of a small cabbage. AKA 17 inches and 2.9 pounds ish. Cause we don't really know. For all I know she's currently like 5 pounds and is going to be a heifer... or she's like a pounds and I need to be worrying. This whole "no more ultrasounds cause you're healthy" thing blow because I want to see my baby and make sure shes okay... and that she's still a she.

 Total weight gain: I'm too lazy to check this week. So a mystery. The doctor told me Thursday that my weight gain looks great, so I'm focusing on that rather than a number... cause the numbers may depress me. 

Maternity clothes: Shockingly still fitting into several pairs of regular pants and tops. More of my tops are maternity though as my reg stuff gets too short to cover this bump. As for my maternity pants... yeah, she doesn't like those too much. At least the ones with the full belly panel. When I wear those she sticks her little bum and/or head out as hard as she can and it really hurts.

Best moment of the week:
Not necessarily the "best" moment of the week, but the most memorable is Tuesday night when looked down and realized I can no longer see my feet when I stand up straight... The best moment of the week was this morning, when Drew traded my best friend Cold Stone ice cream for a chance to hold her daughter. Seeing Drew want to hold her so much melted my heart. Watching him cuddle her, play with her fingers and stare at her in amazement just about made me cry. He's never been around babies, or even little kids before, so seeing him like this just makes me melt... and makes July seem like a lifetime away. I can't wait to see what Drew is like with his own little girl. I already know that from the moment she is born, she will have him wrapped around her itty-bitty finger. 

Food cravings: Love my DD iced tea still, it's 99 cents for any size still, but that ends next Saturday. At which time I will die a slow and painful death... or pony up the like 2-something dollars for them. I also can't stop with the Cheerios. Like my day doesn't feel complete if I don't have them afterwork everyday.

Food aversions: Still not loving chicken, but I've eaten it a few times this week and it wasn't too horrible. Except for that night that Drew pretended to gobble raw chicken and I ended up up-chucking because with the smell of raw chicken and the squishing sound of Drew cutting it... it was just too nasty.

Symptoms: I pee all the time, my back hurts all the time and I don't. freaking. sleep. I can manage about 45 minutes at a time before I am too uncomfortable and I need to move. Except the belly is just so big now that rolling over and switching positions is a big to-do and I have to completely wake up to move. It sucks. A lot. I can handle the heartburn, the big gut, the nose bleeds, the back pain and the peeing, but I just want to sleep.

Movement: Like I said before, she sticks her little butt and head out when something (like my maternity pants or seatbelt) pushes against her. She's also started doing it when I lie on my side in bed at night. She shoves into the mattress and it is VERY painful. Guess she's not going to help me get some sleep. '
Gender: As far as I know, still a little girl. She better be cause her name, room decorations, and favorite color have already been decided for her! What I want most right now (besides some serious sleep) is another ultrasound to check her little no-nos and make sure she really is a she.

What I'm looking forward to: My baby showers! I have 2 coming up the end of May/beginning of June and I just can't wait to start getting stuff for this little girl.

What I miss: SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!

Next appointment: In about 2 weeks... blows my mind that we're now at the point where I go every two weeks... things are getting serious up in here! 

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