Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Fires

We have a serial arsonist in our town. Thus far, no one has been hurt. The arsonist(s?) have been targeting abandoned houses on the west side of town, and yes, I live on the west side of town... right now I think we're up to 5 in the past couple of weeks. 

It's sketchy people.

Every time I hear sirens or see a fire truck I get a little nervous. I keep waiting to hear that they've switched things up and escalated. I worry about leaving Zoey home alone.

What was really scary though, was the other night. Drew and I were sitting around watching TV when we heard a TON of sirens. It sounded like they were coming from right behind out house. Not in the same direction that the other fires have been, but really close. We saw one set of flashing red lights head towards the center of town (again, the opposite direction that they other fire have been). Drew and I decided it was time to take Zoey out, but as we stood up to take her, the lights suddenly went out. At first I thought that Drew had hit the wrong light switch and accidently turned off the kitchen lights. Nope, power was out... and of course the majority of our windows and doors were opened and/or unlocked.


We searched the house for monsters and ax murderers and locked up. But I was still scared. The whole idea of someone running around setting fires was just getting to me. Add to that being stuck in the dark and I was just freaking out... like my hands were shaking.

So we went to Drew's parent's house... cause when all else fails, you run to mommy and daddy... even when you're 25 and expecting a baby of your own... yeah, we're lame... and I'm a chicken.

We hung out there for awhile. Saw on the news that the latest fire was an accidental fire above a local pizza joint, not arson. Power was out to half the town because the power company had shut it off. So we went home, checked the house again (just in case any monsters or ax murderers found their way in while we were gone) and went to bed. Drew fell asleep quickly while I laid there convinced that every noise was a murderer/monster coming to get me. Finally at like 3 am the power came back on and I was able to sleep. I guess in my mind ax murderers and monsters are more likely to attack when you lack electricity... the currents running through the wires must scare them off or something... right?

That was my sketchy night the other night. I really need them to find the person or people responsible for all these fires.

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