Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Name Game

I started this little game with my students, that I've decided to also start on the blog. It's called the Name Game (original right?) Basically my students are dying to know the baby's name, but I'm a sick, sick person and I enjoy the torture... so I'm going to prolong their not knowing. 

Here's the game:

I give one clue a week about her name, then you have all week to guess. In my classroom I have a sweet pink box on my desk where kids can put in their guesses. Here, you can just comment. 

The classroom has two rules. They can only make 2 guesses a week and they have to put their name on their guess.

Here, you have 2 rules that are a little different:
1) No playing if you've actually been told the name. Sorry, but that's hardcore cheating.
2) You have to leave a comment.

Easy enough, right? Depending on how long it takes (and how many clues have to be given) there may be a prize. 

This weeks clue: Her name has 9-letters, but there is a nickname. 

That's all you get for now. Let's see who figures this out first. A room full of 5th graders, or my blog readers.


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