Friday, April 13, 2012


One of the perks of being a public school teacher? That's right, April Vacation, and I am officially on it! Parent teacher conferences are over, Thursday was our last day, and I have the next 10 days of freedom. My big plans?

  1. puppy cuddles
  2. baby belly rubs
  3. naps
  4. t.v. watching
  5. hitting up the gym (since after going I can jump back to #3 for as long as I want)
  6. visits with friends I haven't seen for awhile
  7. reading
  8. four days in a row with the hubby... which we will spent mudding Sheetrock in our new guest room in the hopes that we can finish that soon and move on to the baby's room.

Yeah I know, boring... and #8 will just plain suck... but it's ten days where I don't have to worry about answering e-mails, setting up behavior plans, writing lesson plans, grading work, stressing on how I'm going to reach "that kid" and all the other debauchery that goes along with being an educator these days... sounds like bliss to me.

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