Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Nest

Unless you've ignored my last, I dunno, 20 posts, (and I wouldn't blame you if you had... I've been pretty whiny) you know that I've had some serious sleep issues lately. As in I look like a zombie most the time now cause I don't sleep. 

Well, I have a semi-successful solution. Meet my nest:

Okay, so you can't really tell from the picture, but this is my bedroom floor between my bed and the wall littered with like 12 pillows, two blankets and a dog bone hidden in there. Besides the dog bone**, this has created a lovely little nest for me. Where I have slept the past three nights. I know, weird. BUT it kinda works. As in I sleep about twice as much each night as I do in my big comfy bed. I don't know if it's because the bed is too soft, or too full (kinda hard to sprawl with the hubby and the puppy in a queen size bed) but I just can't get comfortable and I feel really guilty having a zillion pillows taking up most of Drew's space. Not to mention that I feel awful that my constant tossing and turning wake Drew and Zoey up... Drew grumbles and Zoey sighs these huge, exasperated sighs that basically say "screw you Mama".

While not ideal, the nest allows me to have all the pillows I want, the blankets I want and I can use the side of the bed and/or the wall as back supports. Overall, it's pretty sweet, I still sleep like crap, but at least I sleep a little longer.

**The dog bone is complements of Miss Zo, who is afraid her daddy is going to steal it, so she hides it in my nest. Can't blame the girl, I'd hide my stuff from him too. 

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