Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Name Game- The Final Round

No one has gotten even close to figuring out this baby girl's name. 

I'm not surprised. 1) It's an unusual name to begin with and 2) I'm spelling it differently because I'm a sadist like that... and I grew up with the name Amanda, which is boring... so this little girl is having a fun name!

My students, however, DID figure out the name, so I am going to give y'all (I'm such a Mainer but I LOVE using "y'all" for some reason) the same clues I gave them and see if you can figure it out... and if you can't? Well, I guess you're not Smarter than a 5th grader... cause the 5th graders figured it out. 

Here goes:

1) Still 9 letters, though her nick name is just the first 4 letters of that.
2) _ y _ _ _ e i g _ 
3) Her nickname is most often heard as a boy's name, just spelled differently
4) Her nickname is the name of a guy in a tv show that is pretty popular right now.

So good luck. These 4 clues were enough for my kids to figure it out, let's see if any of my readers can! 


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  2. Fynnleigh? :) I'm not sure why but when you said tv show, Glee & Finn is what came to mind!!!

  3. I'm going to guess what Jessica guessed! :)


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