Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The post where I complain... cause this stuff is hard

Pregnancy is rough.

I had no illusions that it wouldn't be. I knew all about the symptoms, the pains, the uncomfortableness, especially when you get to the third trimester. I get it, there's a whole human being growing in there, things are going to get messy.

But damn, knowing about it, and experiencing it, two completely different ball games.

Here are my current complaints:
  • I'm tired. As in to the bone, never feel rested, mind-blowing exhausted. You know when you have the flu and you haven't slept for a week and nothing makes you feel better? This is way worse. I don't sleep. Last night I woke up 9 times THAT I REMEMBER. Who knows how many more times I woke up, or half woke up. Going to be earlier doesn't help, napping doesn't help... nothing makes me feel better and each day it feels worse
  • My back hurts. And not the typical achiness, I mean I sometimes can't move it hurts so bad. I had back problems to begin with, so this beast growing out of my gut has just expanded on that pain.
  • My hip hurts. Again, a pre-existing condition exacerbated by pregnancy. My hip feels like it is popping out of the socket. The scariest part? It actually is. Between the ligaments stretching and my other hip issues, my hip bone is literally popping in and out of the socket as I walk and when I move funny
  • I'm huge... like a freaking whale mated with a cow and created this super huge nasty beast. That is me. Again, knew weight gain was a given, but with my inability to exercise (um... did you not just read the last 2 bullets?) and constant feeling that my stomach is eating it's own lining... things have gotten gross around here, and there's not a damn thing I can do about it
  • Oh yeah, speaking of which, I HAVE NO CONTROL!!!! It's not like other things in my life where I can pony up, be a big girl and fix things, I have no say in the things going on in my body, and until July, I can't do a freaking thing to fix them. So. Frustrating.
  • It burnnnnnns!!! My throat that is. Yep, heartburn... it burns. It's this acidic feeling in the back of my throat that comes and goes as it pleases and though I'm popping tums like a smoker pops breath mints... it doesn't do much to help.
  • Contractions. Yup, got those! Braxton Hicks that is, but I get them almost all the time. It's worse at work when I'm on my feet and moving around a lot. In one hour today I have 9 of them... NINE. They don't hurt per say... but they're really uncomfortable and things just feel so tight
  • This may be TMI, but let's just say my boobs are working... and working over time... I think you get my drift
  • Did I mention I'm huge? And that nothing fits. Even some maternity tops are no longer long enough to cover this bump... Dr. says I'm measuring perfectly and that my weight gain is excellent... I think she lies.

I'm going to stop there... I could go on, but I'm tired and my feet hurt, and I need to grab the tums... which are in the other room. On a positive note, while I called the Dr. today to discuss whether my rapidly occurring BH contractions were a concern, they put me on hold. And the song "Amanda", by Boston played... kinda made my day.

Also, I feel like I need to clarify before some judgemental meanie feels the need to comment. I in no way regret any of this. I love love love my little girl and appreciate the fact that I am able to experience any of this. We worked so hard to get pregnant, and I don't for a moment regret it...I'm just having a hard time dealing with the end of the road physical pitfalls that come with this journey. In a few short weeks this will all be over and worth it and I can look back and laugh at what a wimp I am... and in a few years I'll be begging Drew to do it all over again. At which time he will probably pull up this post, just to get me to shut up.

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