Friday, May 18, 2012


Just some things I've been wondering about lately:

  1. Why do people feel it's appropriate to say "wow, she's looking REALLY pregnant" while they walk by someone pregnant... worse is that they're not even saying it TO the pregnant person... just within earshot
  2. Who cleans up roadkill? Is it the town? animal control? creepers?
  3. How is it possible that I clean the kitchen every day... yet it's always a mess? I truly don't get this. 
  4. If a narwhal and a horse have a baby... will it be a unicorn?
  5. Am I huge? Because this week alone I had one woman ask if I was having twins... and was shocked when I said no. I then had another woman reach out her arms and tell me that she was worried the baby was going to pop out as I walked down the hall. Seriously? This baby has 8 more weeks to bake! 
  6. On the same note, I was told yesterday that I must be having a huge baby if I have 8 weeks to go and my belly is so big. Um... thanks? So sorry that I'm 5 ft 2 so this baby has no place to go but out. I'm not one of those tall, skinny people who carry their babies under their ribs... She's not huge, she's just sticking out quite a bit.

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