Monday, May 21, 2012

Sorry, I don't have that kind of job

After taking half the day off to go to my OB, I was told I need to go see a chiropractor because my hip is really messed up right now and that's what's causing most of my pain right now.

Sweet, more appointments. Like I don't live in the doctor's office right now as it is.

I call to set up an appointment. I dunno, maybe this woman had a really bad day or something, but she was REALLY exasperated with me. I explained to her that I wouldn't be able to make an appointment before 3pm because I have to work. She asked whether I could leave early. Sorry, I can't do that. Could I come during my lunch break? I'm lucky if I get 15 minutes to scarf down food, that's not even long enough to get to the appointment. Go in before work? Well, that depends on what time you open. 9 am? Nope, sorry I've been at work for almost 2 hours at that point.

She sighs at me. One of those "you're really pissing me off, knock it off sighs" and then tells me that I'm being rather difficult. Seriously?!?! So sorry that I don't have the type of job where I can have flexible hours. I'm there from 7:20 to 3 every day. I can't just leave assume my work can wait or someone else can cover. Teaching isn't like that.

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  1. Places just don't seem to understand that. Luckily my chiropractor says to come in on my way home and we'll be flexible with the appointment time. Sometimes I make it on time, other times I do have to sit and wait for a few minutes because I didn't get there when I expected to. I'm sorry you are having trouble.

    I'm experiencing this now with job interviews. All these schools want me to come in during class hours. Ummm... that's not going to work. They should understand that, but it's getting frustrating.


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