Sunday, June 10, 2012

35 Weeks

A day late and with crappy pix. Clearly I'm on my A game

How far along: 35 weeks

How big is baby?: Fynn is the size of a large c antelope this week... which to me sounds smaller than the pineapple size she was supposed to be last week. 

Total weight gain: 

Maternity clothes: Long shirts, some maternity. Yoga pants and some maternity pants... basically whatever I can fit into on a given day. 

Best moment of the week:
 We put together our crib, glider, and put her name up on the wall in her room. I love getting things ready for her! 

Food cravings: No real cravings this week, but I'm thirsty all the time.

Food aversions: chicken

Symptoms: Really tired. Still sleeping like crap. After feeling good after my first two chiropractor appointments, I was really sore and uncomfortable after the last two. I've also gotten to the point where I have to get up at like 3:30 or 4 every morning to pee... not sure if I'm just drinking too much water close to bed, or if I've just reached that stage in pregnancy where I can't make it through the night. My feet/cankles are pretty swollen and my fingers are getting a little swollen too. I'm afraid to put my rings on right now because they might get stuck! 

Movement: Lots of hiccups still, in fact she has them right now. I find it really funny the way my stomach pops when she has them. She still squirms and wiggles a lot, but I can tell things are getting cramped for her in there. When I'm sitting up she feels so squished and gets really squirmy like she's shouting "Mom, help! The walls are caving in here!"  

Gender: A little girl. Fynnleigh, or Fynn as she is called most of the time. 

What I'm looking forward to: Finishing her room and my mother-in-laws shower today. More friends, more gifts for Fynn! 

What I miss: Sleep, my clothes, my old body... I miss it all. Ready. To. Be. Done. (but so not ready for her to actually be here) 

Next appointment: June 22nd. I just panicked a little because I checked my calendar to see when my next one was and saw that it was at 10am. I was all "crap, I'll have to take another half day off from work"... and then I remembered that school is out by then :) 

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