Saturday, June 30, 2012

38 Weeks

How far along:  38 weeks- GET OUT BABY GIRL!!!! 

How big is baby?: At our growth scan Wednesday we learned that this little peanut is just under 6 pounds. She's a little small, they said about the 23rd percentile, but they also said she looks good which is what is really important to me.  

Total weight gain: About 33 pounds at this point... feels like a million.

Maternity clothes: Tank tops and gym shorts most of the time these days. When I actually have to leave the house, or see people, I wear the one pair of maternity shorts that still fit or a skirt... looking forward to having some clothes to wear soon! 

Best moment of the week:
 Getting to see Fynn again on Wednesday. Our ultrasound tech was kinda a meanie, so we didn't get any good pix or even get to see much, but it was still really cool to see her again and know that everything looks good. 

Food cravings: Thirsty all the time. Hungry all the time. Craving a lot of chocolate which isn't doing much to help my heartburn. Thursday night I REALLY wanted veggie sushi, thank goodness for the awesome hubby who went out and got it for me :) 

Food aversions: chicken is still gross. While Drew was making a turkey sandwich yesterday morning the smell of it made me was like my days of morning sickness were back... please no! 

Symptoms: Really tired. Took a 2 1/2 hour nap yesterday without even meaning to! The heartburn is still nasty, but I've just resigned myself to it. I get a lot of braxton hicks which are sometimes so strong that I convince myself they're more then that... and of course they're not. Pretty much every twinge and movement sends me into a "is this labor?" reaction. Which I need to stop because I psych myself out and get my hopes up. I just want her out! 

Movement: Little girl hiccups a lot still. Lots of swirly rolls going down. She's big enough now that my entire belly moves when she does. I love watching it! I've started to think about how weird it's going to be to NOT have her moving around inside me. Sometimes when she moves my belly gets these odd angles and points to it. During the ultrasound Wednesday she wouldn't stop moving... she really didn't like the wand pushing down on her. 

Gender: My little girl! We tried to triple-check Wednesday, but her legs were scrunched up and tech didn't care enough to try checking again or wait a minute for her to me. (can you tell how I felt about this woman?) 

What I'm looking forward to: This little girl being here! I feel like it is so close, but I still have to wait. Waiting is hard, but waiting for an unknown moment is even harder. Not knowing the day or even week that she will arrive makes the waiting even harder. 

What I miss: The usual. My body, booze, energy, sleep, all those things that pregnancy has taken from me. 

Next appointment: We have another ultrasound (to check fluid levels, they were a little low this week) on Tuesday. Hopefully then we can check out her girly bits again :) 

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  1. 1. Super excited for Fynn to happen!
    2. Is it weird that I find it weird that chicken has been making you sick? When I think of meats that are the least likely to make someone feel sick chicken is at the top of my list. It's not like it's fish or a huge steak. I don't know I've always thought of chicken as such a mild food. Alas so goes pregnancy I guess!


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