Friday, June 22, 2012

Dear Fynn/OB Update


Dear Fynn,

I am SO sorry I doubted you this morning. I assumed that you were going to be a stubborn baby and refuse to come out until a week after your due date. After our doctor's appointment this morning I see how wrong I was. Your already "in position" and I'm dilated almost 4 centimeters... clearly you're upholding your end of the deal here, keep up the good work baby girl! I expect to see you in a week, two max. Please don't use this letter as an excuse to become complacent and hold off on progress, we want you out. And by we, I mean me... your mom, the one who controls your destiny, snacks and playdates for many many years to come. 

Your apologetic and grateful Mama.


  1. Wow 4cm already? That's awesome! Go baby girl! A few days before my due date I was still only 1/2 a cm! She'll be here before you know it, how exciting :)

  2. LOL! I loved reading your letters to baby! hahahaha!!! My kinda momma! :)


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