Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How can people afford more than one of these? Or even just the one???

Hi, um, did you know babies are expensive?

What the freak?!? Even with all the amazing, generous and thoughtful gifts, we've been spending out the wazoo (sidenote, what the heck IS a wazoo? or did I just make that up?) trying to prep. To be honest, not all of it is because of her, but we're rushing to get it because she is coming. 

Example? A new couch. We bought one Sunday night because our current 2 are hand-me-downs that were in rough shape to begin with and have only gotten rougher. I'll probably blog about it when we get the new set on Thursday, but we felt like we really needed a new couch because so many people are going to be visiting our house in the next few weeks and we are deeply ashamed of our current configuration. 1) the dog has scratched the hell out of one of them. 2) the other smells, because as Zoey has adjusted to the impending arrival of her baby sister she decided she needed to, ahem, mark her territory. While we've washed, scrubbed and Febreezed the crap out of it, it still smells rather musty and... unpleasant. Drew claims it's just my preggo super-smell, but it's still nasty. So we ponied up the other night and bought a beautiful new couch, loveseat, and ottoman... ka-ching.

Then there's a camera. We currently have a 5-year-old Olympus which has served us well these past few years... but it's on it's last leg. The lens is a little scratched and I know we would hate ourselves if we missed out on amazing pix of our little baby girl... so we're looking into cameras. Any suggestions for something affordable that will get us great pix of our baby? Or anyone out there want to give me one? Please :)

Next comes the truck. I mentioned before that Drew sold his truck because it was an extended cab, so the backseat wasn't quite big enough for a carseat to fit comfortably. Not to mention that the beast rode like a freaking tank and made me feel like a bobble head while riding in it. No way was Fynn going to take a ride on that death-mobile. We've gone a few weeks now just sharing my car (and we borrowed my dad's truck for the last week or so) but that's just not going to fly much longer. The other day Drew bought a new (to us) truck. He can't pick it up for another week and a half... but there goes some more cash out the window.

Not to mention the baby stuff. While we got a TON of amazing baby items from friends, family, and loved ones... we were still short a few things... like a stroller, and a cosleeper... that stuff adds up.

All this is ON TOP OF the usual expenses; groceries, loan payments, car payment, the mortgage, etc... and holy crappo if feels like all we do lately is spend spend spend. It's nuts! 

So how do people do this? Did we just do it wrong? Should we have been buying little by little for the past months/years? Should we not care about stuff like a camera and couch? Or was this all an unavoidable piece of the whole "creating a human being" package?

I would like to think that the spending will settle down once Fynn is here and we've taken care all of all this stuff... but the realist in me knows that having the baby is only the beginning of the hemorrhaging money scene.

::Sigh:: Why didn't I marry a millionaire? 

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  1. I feel you! Trust me! I've been doing a lot of daily deal sites to get the necessities [target daily deal gave us our travel system for under 100] and watching Woot (kids.woot.com) and that helped us get our swing and the high chair. Oy. It def adds up! Good luck!


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