Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"I give it three days until you kill it"

I got this lovely Dahlia from a student today. And I was sooo excited. Because it's pretty, and pink.

And then I got in the car with Drew this afternoon (side note: Drew sold his truck last week, which means we're car-pooling to work everyday. Which is nice in that we get an extra 40 minutes together everyday, but sucks in that I have to stay at work late every night until he gets out) and he said "I give it 3 days until you kill it"

Ouch. Granted, I do kill plants*... but couldn't he have at least given me a week? I hope my black thumb can't kills something THAT quickly. 

This of course led to a whole conversation of plants I've killed in the past and my chances of keeping this baby alive. BUT, in my defense, I've kept the dog alive for three whole years now. AND? Babies tend to make a lot of noise before they kick the bucket. Plants? They just slowly wither and die in silence. How am I supposed to know they're suffering if they don't tell me? I'm not a mind reader! 

Hopefully this plant will survive for a little. Gardeners out there: am I supposed to plant this thing outside? How often should I water it? Does it need a lot of sunlight?

...this poor plant is doomed. 

* FYI, if you went back to that old post. The guilt plant is still (semi-) alive... I think. Actually I haven't checked on it in awhile. It's in the breezeway... Drew mentioned something about it needing to be watered. Last week. 

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