Thursday, June 21, 2012

That dream I had

Not too long ago I had this dream that we had Fynn and she was beautiful and perfect and labor was easy (remember, this was a dream). About 2 weeks later (in my dream) I was sitting there with Drew and I realized that we hadn't fed the baby... in like 2 weeks. Given my recent track record with plants, that realization should have worried me. Instead, I just shrugged and vowed to feed the baby "sometime soon"

Should I be worried? 


  1. Totally normal new mommy worry dreams! I had soooo many. Even more once she was an outside baby. Don't worry you won't forget to feed her, she won't let you.

  2. I used to have crazy dreams like that too! and even worse. but I agree with Mar that you shouldn't worry and you definitely won't forget to feed her especially when she is screaming as loud as she can :)

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