Monday, June 11, 2012

What to pack

My mother-in-law asked me the other day whether Drew and I had our hospital bags packed yet... and then got this panicked look on her face when I told her "no". I guess the whole being 35 weeks pregnant thing makes people think that we should maybe be kinda ready if this little girl shows up early.

Bah-hahahaha ::gulp::

We KNOW we should have this shizz done. I mean Fynn could pop out any day now (and to be honest, with the way I've been feeling, I'd be kinda cool with it). IN MY DEFENSE, my 2nd shower was only Saturday, so part of why we were waiting was because we, well, need stuff. We were waiting to see what we got that we would need at the hospital rather than going out and buying it and then having someone else give it to us.

The other major reason, is that I have no idea what to bring! I've seen some lists, like this one over at the but being new to this whole birthing a human being thing means I don't really know what I need. What will I want in that moment (well, hours really)? What will I need? What will Drew need? What will Fynn need????

Help? Please?


  1. I didn't bring enough changes of clothes or food so make sure you bring plenty of clothes and food! (More for Drew) but you'll need some too in case you get discharged before the baby. We ended up staying a few days longer than we had planned. The hospital usually provides food but late at night when you want a snack it's good to have something you like on hand. Also, bring at least one change of clothes for when Fynn goes home. Also, if you end up staying a little longer than you're supposed to you'll want to have something for entertainment. DVD's, laptop, etc. A lot of my family lives in Maine and couldn't come so we used Facebook to show a lot of photos. Don't forget a camera and your cell phone! Good luck!! It's an exciting time!

  2. I have done this four times over so I feel fairly qualified to answer this question:

    1) Bring a sex neutral outfit for baby...just in case (it does happen still)

    2) Bring lots of comfie undies for you

    3) Bring only maternity clothes for you unless you're JLo your regular clothes won't fit for a bit

    4) Bring your arms and no other entertainment...if you're anything like me you won't be able to put that little blessing down!

  3. I have 2 babies...

    Bring a big water bottle - you need to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.
    Bring some hard candy to suck on (a tip given to me by my mid-wife - and I needed it during my long labour!).
    Bring a fresh-smelling facewash, soap and moisturiser - I so loved having a shower afterwards!

    Good luck!
    Kristina :)

  4. So.... I labored for a LONG time. My husband and I played Yahtzee to pass the time. True! Of course, that was after epidural AND BEFORE smartphones/ipads, etc. Bring something to keep your mind off things, just in case Fynn decides to take her sweet time making an appearance.

    Also, I had my photo/focus item for labor. I wear glasses so it was useless!!! Just focus on your hubby's face. It's the last thing you'll ever do together without actually having another face around. :)


  5. I just brought my clothes and whatever my then infant's clothes, diapers, and milk. I didn't know what to expect so I brought the basics.

  6. I think that Shannon gave you great advise! I however, would suggest checking with the hospital to see if they have a music player or make sure your Ipod is stocked. I cannot say how nice it was to have something to listen to that I wanted to hear to help me relax! Especially if your waiting for the actual labor part to really get moving.

    I also had a birthing ball and omg I was so happy to have that. Many hosptals carry these but again I would find out if yours does.

    Other than that remember your camera and batteries and set up who is taking pictures. Dad was busy with baby after and I would have missed pictures if I had not.

    Oh an whatever you do DO NOT TAKE any calls when you have "drugs" in your system. TRUST ME LOL wait till you have rested! Visiting from VB!

  7. Definitely comfy undies, and your favorite lotion (your skin gets dry and the non-hospital smell is comforting!) Snacks for sure and an extra bag for all the goodies the nurses send you home with. Ours stocked us up with formula, diapers, ice packs, the big mama pads and tons of other stuff) Good luck! Here from vB!
    My Twintastic Life

  8. I remember bringing a change of clothes for myself and a set for the baby when you bring him home. Keep a little prayer in your pocket, and all will be fine :). Good luck! That's so exciting! :)

  9. These ladies all gave great advice! I had a change of maternity clothes , baby outfit that was too big, good I brought 2 sizes, lol. Snacks for afterward, sooooo loved the shower after and pretty much the same as the other ladies. Yes, extra bag like Kim said for all the goodies the nurses gave us. Bless you both and best wishes!
    Visiting from VB.

  10. Oh my Shannon's comment was FUNNY!
    I being momma of 6 births 7 kiddos will give you the exhaustive list!
    I've learned you go in yoga pants you wear there mesh things they give you and the pamper pads.
    you bring a onesie with sleeves that cover hands pants in case and socks. EVERYTHING else the hospital has. You will leave with milk, pacifiers, little hand mittens, scalp brush baby bath, burp cloth swaddle sheets etc. I would year after year bring expensive bags and lots of stuff and use none of it! Small travel bag with a tooth brush and a body lotion/shampoo.
    Hope this helps.

  11. It is hard to determine what you are going to need. I am sure when we had our first we overpacked, though he and I did stay for 2 nights. When we had our second...well, I checked in at the hospital at 12:20 am, he was born at 1:30 am, and we were discharged before lunch (though I waited until lunch was served as I was hungry! LOL). Hopefully you have quick labours too!

    Go in wearing compfortable clothes - yoga pants are a great choice. You'll still be wearing maternity clothes when you leave - plus you may be sore and you will want to be as comfortable as possible. SLIPPERS for walking around your hospital room/ward. Socks if you tend to get cold feet. Baby's going home outfit. Toiletries for yourself (shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, etc). Feminine products they will give you at the hospital, they will also give you diapers, etc. Take your cell phone, your camera, your tablet/laptop, iPod, CDs.

    If you underpack, just remember - your husband or your family can stop at your house to pick up any extra things that you might need. And often the hospital has a supply of things too!

    Good luck...and don't stress about it :-)

  12. Don't forget to pack sanitary napkins or adult diapers! You'll be needing it! :)

  13. this is hilarious! i was thinking i would do my packing the bag last min too and people look at me like i've lost it! so i just went online and looked up what some websites suggested to bring, what other expectant mom's were bringing and i made my own list that i will pack up when my time comes ... which will be in 5-10 short weeks!


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