Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters


Dear summer,

Slow down! I'm not ready for the new school year to start! Please, please just relax and let me enjoy these last weeks home with my baby.

a new Mama who's not ready to go back into teacher mode

Dear baby Fynn,

One, I am OhSoSorry for cutting your itty-bitty finger yesterday when I was clipping your nails. I feel awful about it, which I'm sure you know because I cried about it more than you did. Two, day=awake, night=sleep, got it? This whole sleeping the day away and then wanting to play all night is seriously not working for me. I can't sleep during the day, which means I don't sleep at all. Please figure out this whole day/night thing, and soon. Before I lose my mind.

Your tired (and very sorry!) Mama

Dear hubby,

Your slamming around Wednesday night when I asked you to change the pee-soaked baby while I changed out of my pee-soaked pj's is exactly the reason why I usually just take care of these things on my own. You say you want to help, but your actions say otherwise. Just go back to sleep, clearly you need it more than I do.

your exhausted baby-Mama who is too tired to deal with two babies. 

Dear self,

Please relearn how to take naps. You were the queen of napping during your pregnancy, why are you refusing to nap when I need it most? Baby sleeps = you sleep... but you won't fall asleep!!!!



  1. aw your baby is precious! congratulations!

    have a great weekend! come say hello at

  2. It gets better I promise. Once we figured out the schedule and swaddling thing my daughter slept 13 hours. She was 8 weeks. To be fair, she was entirely formula fed by then. I found you on the Sunday blog hop!


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