Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Loud baby

I never knew before Fynn just how loud babies are. There's the usual cooing and crying noises that I anticipated... but I was unaware of all the other noises she would make:

  • she snores like her Daddy. I mean it's LOUD, crazy loud for such a little peanut.
  • she squeaks... kinda sounds like a little mouse. Really cute :)
  • she burps like a teenage boy. No joke. Full out belly-belches that blow your mind.
  • she also farts like a teenage boy. Often she rips them and I'm convinced that she's loaded her diaper, only to find out it was only gas. 
  • Then there's the random noises, the "eh eh eh" when she's sound asleep, or the "oooooooo". I think some of the noises freak Zoey out because she  looks at Fynn and grumbles or comes running to get me. 

She also sleeps like her Daddy, with the arms sprawled over her head and impossible to wake up. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh gosh amen amen amen!! My little does the same! I even videoed her sleeping in her chair making her little noises hahahaha ;)


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