Monday, July 2, 2012

My Weekend

Post could be alternately titled: My unborn child is already screwing with me and testing my patience. 

I keep thinking I'm in labor... and technically I am (was)... but I'm not in "active" labor. And apparently that makes all the difference in the world between having a baby and still being ridiculously and uncomfortably pregnant.

Friday night I didn't sleep. I felt really uncomfortable and achy. Around 3 am I felt my first real contractions (these bad boys were NOTHING like the Braxton Hicks I've grown so used to). At 4am I was having so many of them that I got out of bed and starting timing. At that point they were 3-5 minutes apart and lasting between 20-40 seconds. I knew this wasn't active labor because they weren't growing in intensity or speeding up, but I thought it might be pre-labor, so I started to get a little excited.

At 5, Drew woke up because he was going to go fishing with his dad. We debated, but I figured this pre-labor could go on for hours so there was no point in him sitting around here watching me in pain. Drew left, and I continued to contract. And man did they hurt. It felt like the worst menstrual pain of my life combined with incredible back pain and pressure in my hips... I've never felt anything like it.

From 5-7:30 i continued contracting and feeling awful. I took the dog for a walk, took a warm bath, used a heating pad (shaved my legs just in case this was the real deal, couldn't head to the hospital all Sasquatch-esq) and bounced on my exercise ball. All those things helped the pain, but it was still a very consistent pain.

Around 7:30 I started to feel worse. I called my OB who said she thought I was definitely in labor and should head to the hospital "when the contractions made me feel like I was going to cry"... within the next 2 hours or so since i was already 4 cm dilated on Tuesday and 80% effaced.

That freaked me out a little as I envisioned pushing this baby out in the car on the way to the hospital. I called Drew and told him he needed to head home. In the hour that I waited for him, I put together the last of our hospital stuff and picked up the house as much as I could... do you know how hard it is to clean or even think when it feel like your pelvic region is in the process of exploding?!? 

Drew got home, we packed up and headed to the hospital. They checked me in, put me on monitors and "checked" me. I was still 4 cm but now 90% effaced... that whole morning of pain got me a 10% change?!?!? Boo.

They said they would give me 2 hours and then check again. If there was change then I was staying to have this baby. No change and I was going home.  Guess what happened? That's right. While my contractions became more intense and lasted longer... they weren't actually being productive. So after 2 hours in the hospital... they sent me home.

I cried. I was tired, frustrated, and in constant pain... but they were just sending me home. It was such a disappointment. They gave me a prescription for Ambian to help me get to sleep, and I used that to take an amazing nap Saturday afternoon... but still felt like crap. I was having contractions every few minutes and they HURT... but until they start increasing exponentially and/or my water breaks... I was stuck dealing with it.

Sunday? More of the same. Contractions all freaking day. I was miserable, uncomfortable and just felt like my hips,back, and pelvis were in the process of exploding on me. But? I HAD HOPE. Obviously all of this was just prepping my body for the real thing, which I was sure was going to happen that night. 

This morning? Hopes dashed. I took another Ambian last night to try to get some sleep. Those bad boys work for exactly 4 hours, so at 2:30 I was wide awake... but no contractions. It's currently 10 am... I've had like 5 contractions this morning... what the monkeys????? I went through all that, all weekend long. For nothing?

I'm beyond frustrated. I just spent 45 minutes in the shower sobbing my heart out. I keep thinking that "this is it" and I'm really going to have this baby, just to have my hopes dashed. It is the most disappointing feeling in the world. Not only that, but to know that I had 48 hours of incredible, searing pain just to still be pregnant... it's really discouraging. 

So for now. No dice. Still pregnant. Even more miserable than before. 


  1. *hugs* I know exactly how you feel, it happened to me to. I made 3 trips to labor & delivery at the end of my pregnancy in hopes I wasn't leaving without a baby. You will be meeting your baby girl soon enough! I know its discouraging and you just want it to happen but it will soon enough! Enjoy the "you" time while you can!

  2. I feel for you. Hang in there! I'm sending positive thoughts your way.

  3. you can do it! you are so close. this won't last forever!!


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