Monday, July 23, 2012

Pretty Sure I'm A Hermit

This summer I feel like a major hermit. There are whole days where I don't even step foot outside this house... it's a little pathetic.

Granted, new baby? Total excuse... but it's a little depressing. Many days my only interactions with another human being are with an adorable little creature whose only response is nonsensical grunting, cooing and/or screaming... not exactly thought-provoking. On the other hand... I really don't want to be around other people, besides Drew. Yesterday afternoon we spent about 2 hours just lying in bed. The four of us. We cuddled, talked and kissed. It was perfect. I want more days like that. 

I love, love, love being home with my little girl. I couldn't ask for anything better...I just wish Drew could be home with us more. I love watching him with his daughter. The way he cuddles her and talks to her just melts my heart. And I feel like he is missing out on these early days. She grows and changes each and every day.

I digress... this post was originally about my frustration on my new hermit status, but from the way my train of thought changed, I guess I'm just really frustrated that Drew has to work... stupid work. 

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