Friday, July 13, 2012


Random bits that don't quite fill posts of their own:

  • When I wrote Fynn's birth story, I forgot to mention that right before I started pushing, I went into the bathroom to fix my hair. Yes, I am THAT person. 
  • Fynn does this thing when she's hungry, that I call "Woody Woodpeckering". It's just like it sounds. She pecks at the shoulder of whoever is holding her like a little bird.
  • I take about 150 pictures of Fynn a day... I may be a little obsessed, but hey, how many times in your life can you say you actually created a human being?  (Unless you're Michelle Duggar... then you get to say it every 9 months)
  • This motion may have lead to me nicknaming my daughter Woody... which may or may not be a very unfortunate nickname for a little girl
  • I get really anxious when other people hold Fynn. Like my heart flutters into my stomach and I just want to snatch her back and cradle her in my arms. Except I don't because that would be rude... and crazy
  • Along the crazy lines... I really don't like putting Fynn down. When she's sleeping Drew is always trying to get me to put her in her swing or bouncy seats... but it just feels so much better to have her in my arms.

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  1. I love the nickname! My youngest daughter's nickname is Bird for a similar reason.


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