Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Social

Favorite handbag you've ever owned
My Coach purse (and matching wallet) that Drew bought me for Christmas 2 years ago. I love it because it goes with every outfit, is stylish and just the right size to hold everything I need. The sad thing is that I don't carry it much. During the school year I don't bring a purse to work, I just throw my wallet in my work tote bag (when I remember), but I use it at night or when I go out places. Since Fynn though, the purse has been stuck in the other room as I tote around the diaper bag. 

Dream handbag you lust over
I actually don't have a "dream" handbag anymore. In college and the first few years out of school I was obsessed with designer purses and ended up buying several of them... and now I don't use most of them. In fact, the only one I use is the Coach purse I mentioned in the last question.

Daily essentials in your purse or work bag
My wallet... which I usually forget. I tend to pull my wallet out and just take that places so when I grab my purse or work bag,m it's often not in there... and then I feel like an idiot. The other thing I have to have is lip gloss. Usually it's Blistex Silk an Shine. I've got about 10 of these tubes around the house, in my car, at work, in the diaper bag and of course in  my purse. 
What's in your purse(with pictures)
Like I said in question 1, now that Fynn is here, I'm sporting the diaper bag over the purse, so here's what we have stashed in there:

  1. Nursing cover
  2. Changing pad
  3. Blankets/Burp cloths
  4. Wipes
  5. Vaseline
  6. Extra clothes for Fynn
  7. Pacifier- I carry it, but she doesn't really use it
  8. Dirty diaper bags 
  9. A hat (yes, it's July, but that AC is rather chilly for a newborn
  10. Notepad & pen
  11. Booger sucker- no idea what this thing is really called
  12. Extra clothes for mommy (by the way, this picture was taken Wednesday and that shirt has already been needed.)
  13. Diapers
  14. Plastic bags for dirty clothes/diapers
  15. My awesome diaper bag itself
  16. My wallet...which I usually can't find
Honestly this bag is way more exciting then my actual purse, which currently has some mints, random change lip gloss, my morning sickness bands from the first trimester of pregnancy, and a copy of the reading I did at my grandfather's funeral last summer. Can you tell it's been while since I cleaned that bad boy out?


  1. cute blog!
    found on sunday social!

    Now following! :)


  2. Cute Coach bag! Thanks for linking up!


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